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  1. 1.Hold back company books and most of inventory
  2. 2.Upset roughly one litre of pharmaceutical acid
  3. 3.Review of global IT firm in Sky features
  4. 4.Curmudgeon in receipt of Nutmegs misdirected delivery?
  5. 5.Adequate turnover for Guardian, working well without capital
  6. 6.Remove clogs, seeing good time ahead
  7. 7.Keeping quiet, with some little doubt
  8. 8.Insular Spaniard working as cathedral junior
  9. 9.Expressed regret for euro, say
  10. 10.Processed grain etc, providing food
  11. 11.Visited area excluded from redraft of final edict
  12. 12.Furore following elevated journalists stay
  13. 13.Perform check, covering county where Homer settled?
  14. 14.Revived a festival introduced by Magritte and Dali, originally
  15. 15.Agree to clubs participating in expert training
  16. 16.Damage statuette, knocking head off
  17. 17.Release bargain offer for telly addicts?
  18. 18.Where youd expect a barrister from superior chambers?
  19. 19.Body of Christians threatening war leader
  20. 20.Put an end to trusted criminal carrying drug
  21. 21.Rubbish article in Times
  22. 22.Preferred winding route via south of France
  23. 23.Priest in country after a spell oddly lost independence
  24. 24.See through end of telescope in port after its set up
  25. 25.Girlfriend installed in French­mans love nest, maybe
  26. 26.Worthless classical poet promoting his verse
  27. 27.Shell uncovered beside cape a crabs disabled without it
  28. 28.Press campaign
  29. 29.Confident, like retiring American left-winger
  30. 30.Ones endeavouring to spot king and queen