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  1. 1.Anger in pub leading to sustained assault
  2. 2.Judge an aristocrat by his voice
  3. 3.Time to put in charges for parish events
  4. 4.Europeans warm emotion three quarters occluded
  5. 5.French city spread over dead flat area
  6. 6.Be reasonable blonde is not that good
  7. 7.Nasty housing relative makes available to view
  8. 8.Jelly-like film?
  9. 9.Old beast gets up and over, painful to listen to
  10. 10.Finding fault with moving divan back and embracing while husbands away
  11. 11.Barman almost got up wrong one!
  12. 12.Defence of road going to close, say?
  13. 13.Employing spades, manage wood
  14. 14.Deadly acid of copper to engulf huge area shortly
  15. 15.A long letter
  16. 16.Essential couple of coins, one not English
  17. 17.Benefit everyone received thats subject to inflation
  18. 18.Neckwear almost strangles one philosopher
  19. 19.They leave the country from old seaside towns
  20. 20.In summary, little bird heading off for stream
  21. 21.Take credit, limiting doctors pomposity
  22. 22.Way for Pom to get some seafood?
  23. 23.Nearly half the smelling salts used in coordinated shots
  24. 24.With Indian food, case for ordering cold water
  25. 25.Popular bet: Reverend to retreat, lacking a lot of backbone
  26. 26.Securing army officer to rise against one he swore to serve?
  27. 27.Homes in Geordieland are mostly small
  28. 28.Severe pain sends tormented Algerian round the bend
  29. 29.All welcome here, but we have not decided on kind of dance music
  30. 30.Lecturer always welcomes a kiss and some money
  31. 31.Have a fag to improve ones mood
  32. 32.Old poems of dogma, essentially varied in interpretation