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List Of Clues: 6-November-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Buzz Answers

  1. 1.Swine has large following in capital
  2. 2.Public transport cut complaint of the countryside
  3. 3.Note seas rising go in wearing these
  4. 4.Writer Virginia, receiving honour, is coming back
  5. 5.Potential fly-by-nights below royal rank
  6. 6.Extremely short after nothings done
  7. 7.Lauras selective about who may introduce them
  8. 8.Republican (American) rude, Joe admits
  9. 9.Real SOS at sea, when unable to propel boat?
  10. 10.Put in an awkward position its what Trumps good at
  11. 11.Point at Lord Hall gatecrashing celebrity finale
  12. 12.Quick look round in Hollywood location recalled a feature of Manchester
  13. 13.Rubbish government consumed by nastiness
  14. 14.Go back in cab at seven
  15. 15.Corries sacked staff
  16. 16.Single nurses are far from impressed
  17. 17.Underwear thats uncool for fashion leaders? Its not important
  18. 18.Boards with yours truly over boozer (Kings Head in Salisbury)
  19. 19.Shocking treatment in part upset old prince
  20. 20.Specified details put in order
  21. 21.Pimps beginning to exploit her virtue however, he may not succeed
  22. 22.Ones often in meadow making love its wrong to look
  23. 23.Hunk leaving northern English port
  24. 24.Member of Parliament enthralled by that womans big boobs
  25. 25.Sign on sheet! force individuals to stand around
  26. 26.Ones Queen having arguments about taxes
  27. 27.Gave excellent service to Ant at first, upsetting partner
  28. 28.Im off distributing aid to Brussels
  29. 29.Country screwed from the start with someone like Boris briefly around
  30. 30.Hurry down to feed plant can start in kitchen first