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  1. 1.Sketch crocodile for opening
  2. 2.Hundreds taking time on motorway in China
  3. 3.Perhaps Prince covers No. 1 from Peter Gabriel - ultimately having a try in various keys?
  4. 4.Rose in bloom was obvious
  5. 5.Having removed embarrassing smell, scientist brought back stink
  6. 6.Scramble panda car using energy to cover every area with time to complete previous case
  7. 7.Long-term strategy to control most of factory
  8. 8.Involve ball going into middle of green when spun
  9. 9.Try to get whiskey glasses
  10. 10.Shock retrospective rescued gallery
  11. 11.The woman making rare move to become Match of the Day pundit?
  12. 12.Occasionally meant wound is recorded
  13. 13.Steep climbs with number on crew who can deliver
  14. 14.Reversing Skoda estate, somewhat lost
  15. 15.Mackintosh possibly breaks - how many bits are missing?
  16. 16.Primate is upset with bishop, say, touring Italy
  17. 17.Kid's newspaper
  18. 18.Bother to hide business leader's confrontation
  19. 19.Stupidly repeat cycle ignoring tip from Noddy Holder
  20. 20.Appearance made by em-cee performing without right info
  21. 21.Channel took off by the sound of it
  22. 22.Pitchers meanwhile throw the quicker balls last of all
  23. 23.Biggest part of Last Leg is starting with introduction from Adam Hills nailing MPs?
  24. 24.Hard once a state captures a soldier
  25. 25.Workable if making a design essentially obvious
  26. 26.Sierra regularly parking under branch
  27. 27.Oddly easier having first dealt with revolutionary Big Mac ingredient
  28. 28.Taxing cash after banks rejected gold put up by America
  29. 29.The idiotic teen clarified it
  30. 30.Journalist supporting American politician is excited