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29-May-2024 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Buzz Answers

  1. 1.Note banks periodically loth to give a bit of capital
  2. 2.Singer of a lot of rock, as well as Gershwin
  3. 3.Female's left reeling as life's a bitch in Hollywood
  4. 4.Pick up £1,000 tip
  5. 5.Rash son holds former pupil up, and senior ones
  6. 6.Clumsily lost Ed Sheeran CD, showing no emotion
  7. 7.Worked out base 3 in Asian location
  8. 8.Relation of audiobook version of Zola novel?
  9. 9.Harry Styles, foxier than everyone else
  10. 10.Game to don legwear this person's possibly returned for a fee
  11. 11.Observer getting excited, tweeting French word that comes up
  12. 12.Yogi breaks cane when spanked - it's deviancy
  13. 13.Singer of song inspiring an incredible energy
  14. 14.In the main, one may use this item, roughly cutting bread
  15. 15.Maybe Guardian compiler welcomed by Lady Gaga
  16. 16.Barber's poignant adagio band played finally
  17. 17.This prevents experiments with Spooner's ideal complexion
  18. 18.Shunning company using computers, I see, after trifling returns
  19. 19.London venue millennial's outside, with Dua Lipa playing
  20. 20.Uninterested in big news for the Spencers in 1981
  21. 21.Refused or declined to smuggle dope from the east
  22. 22.Flipping painful love for Oedipus
  23. 23.Basic textbooks right to be adopted by 3, 5 and 13?
  24. 24.Get ticked off like a barrister or a judge?
  25. 25.Backstreet in Paris? Within it, the French and Swiss whizz
  26. 26.What's inhaled by queen - king's rolling a joint
  27. 27.Friend, without hesitation, getting Boy's Own
  28. 28.Injured hip? Need package of rare drug