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  1. 1.See 21
  2. 2.Crucial point about children in pack
  3. 3.A cycling expert's forecast
  4. 4.Direction to players — Desde­mona extremely upset, Iago devious
  5. 5.Rosemary here? Gig's beginning in where she normally drinks at lodge
  6. 6.Feature of golfing Masters — one embraced in another sport
  7. 7.Big deal, right? Won't work — like government's contact-tracing app
  8. 8.A night in with back occasionally massaged? That'll never happen!
  9. 9.Piece of straw is perhaps thus described
  10. 10.Sense crew's keeping OK
  11. 11.Admitting home's completely out of cups — that's stupid!
  12. 12.Possible replacement's in box — leave lid off
  13. 13.Piercing whistle — ref's blowing up too much
  14. 14.Loved piece about early mode of transport
  15. 15.Disreputable, extremely short, wasn't standing up straight
  16. 16.Angry when London statue's toppled
  17. 17.Spurs wanting a final point getting a stroke of luck
  18. 18.One bloody woman initially kissed trainspotter
  19. 19.Maybe illegal? Vlad intends to not get involved
  20. 20.Prince getting worried talked rubbish
  21. 21.That man's failing, mate — but he's still in office
  22. 22.Staggered round city — time to be taken back into house
  23. 23.Drive's big — what may follow?
  24. 24.When you do this, stop people drinking too much
  25. 25.Actors cast ready at last — hopes to include brief review
  26. 26.One side with money abroad
  27. 27.Start to undress in land by middle of Wimbledon Common
  28. 28.Not completely straight with lawyers about minister
  29. 29.Vulgar relations have finished going on stage
  30. 30.Gee! Douglas' cat is bad-tempered