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  1. 1.Allowing to get licence, finally, and catch fish
  2. 2.Draw, as rule, after switching sides
  3. 3.Almost fight over articles about cold fatty snack
  4. 4.Holy, as reflected by almost all doctrine
  5. 5.Cooling system in a vehicle that's helpful for summer?
  6. 6.They may draw diners in and earn some cash, totally without tips
  7. 7.Part of scale that is least likely to collapse
  8. 8.Number of characters in Romeo and Juliet older than Juliet? Just so
  9. 9.Vocal performance in opera included by impresario sometimes
  10. 10.Starting to create family in which you are reportedly growing up
  11. 11.Virus that is pierced by old medical instrument
  12. 12.Equivalent of money, including capital, that is at the upper limit of growth
  13. 13.Producer of drone group of spies used to trap villain
  14. 14.Mastered an amended part of commercial vocabulary
  15. 15.Rise late, perhaps — or before all the others
  16. 16.Relating to the elements, reach­ing exciting conclusions once carbon's extracted
  17. 17.Apply bleach when covering it
  18. 18.Less than striking action in game's nadir
  19. 19.A large group of hunters ending off a domesticated mammal
  20. 20.Outlaw said in France to be gang member
  21. 21.Soon switched my name, such as Brendan
  22. 22.Seabird needed by grateful mariner
  23. 23.Initially formed euphemism from guy mostly concealing name
  24. 24.Letters regularly falling out of mailbags, unfortunately
  25. 25.It spells end of vegetation, when put on a tree
  26. 26.Centres of population, as found in the rest of the across answers