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  1. 1.Sickness from epidemic 18 got rid of
  2. 2.Mafia boss hiding gun parts and drug in prison
  3. 3.New seat given to sailors behind
  4. 4.Great and good tucked into alcoholic beverage found in grass
  5. 5.Arms trade leaders entertained by numerous delegates
  6. 6.Essentially miserable time?
  7. 7.University lecturer interrupting enthusiastic reception for part of cycle
  8. 8.Top people act differently to this prominent Mexican feature
  9. 9.Sit alone twiddling lower extremities
  10. 10.Ambassadors from Spain fail to spot sign
  11. 11.Silly fashion upset head of textiles
  12. 12.Faulty satnav restricted parcel courier
  13. 13.Treasure about to be returned to safe
  14. 14.Pause during race to turn top on damaged post
  15. 15.Colour in comic book character
  16. 16.Male in nude dancing in the centre of wood
  17. 17.Inflexible soldier breaking free
  18. 18.Roman magistrate dismissing a French race
  19. 19.Popular companys not in good shape
  20. 20.Bones intended, its said, for special religious ceremonies
  21. 21.Animal full of vegetables died satisfied
  22. 22.Priest leaving church leader a true tale translated for Alfred, Lord Tennyson once
  23. 23.Exercise books on American tree rewritten as part of 18s work?
  24. 24.Plant found mostly in decaying vegetable matter
  25. 25.Republican rabble leaders put mobile into roadside bomb thats exploded
  26. 26.Time to request stuff for working party
  27. 27.Drastic extra power for Queen in court
  28. 28.Dutch woman is Utrechts ultimate 20th-century artist
  29. 29.Fox eating a waste product in fungi
  30. 30.Instagram contribution covering points for spiced drink