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  1. 1.Lives round New Badger, like Cinderella
  2. 2.Invitation postponed when sewer inspection fails to start
  3. 3.Led away from exceedingly awkward pressing need
  4. 4.Hebe variety planted in front of ones busy workplace
  5. 5.Writers place in the wilds?
  6. 6.Act like a student after bad mark horror
  7. 7.Kinks to play winter sport stadium at first
  8. 8.Romeo and Oscar have sex over August
  9. 9.Rather crude bitter? A familiar complaint
  10. 10.US student crosses English river, looking amorous
  11. 11.Surreys top feature, musically
  12. 12.Mate with an unusual sibling produces litter
  13. 13.Where some may learn of drug (speed)
  14. 14.Drive away, restricting speed initially, then create a stir
  15. 15.Plonker from Stanislavskis school
  16. 16.Produce whip
  17. 17.Tip: its an inheritance limitation
  18. 18.Universities collectively taking climber the distance
  19. 19.Oscar-winning film: King Sebastian
  20. 20.Indian archway not suitably constructed to frame ancient deity
  21. 21.Fine material from Dylan: Chuck the Alien
  22. 22.Military type knocked back drink when having one-on-one
  23. 23.Hollywood star who once shone at the top
  24. 24.Polish problem
  25. 25.Horse sucks energy from flower
  26. 26.Slippery customer takes months to track and select for jury duty
  27. 27.Device for carrying back, say, fatty mixture
  28. 28.Adhesive teeth quite lacking?
  29. 29.Burn with very little smoke and turn to dust
  30. 30.Travellers hurt before county game
  31. 31.Robin Hoods situation: showing ring, truly desperate to take a wife
  32. 32.See 7
  33. 33.Barnet seals?