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The Guardian Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 13-November-2018
The Guardian Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 12-November-2018
The Guardian Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 9-November-2018
  1. 1.Quiet leader of India versus a destructive lord
  2. 2.A sort of light street dress
  3. 3.See 16 across
  4. 4.See 6
  5. 5.Old king imprisons spouse, head to foot, in small compartment
  6. 6.Standing figure guarding king
  7. 7.Abroad With Nick, which didnt make the final edit
  8. 8.See 17 across
  9. 9.Watch parts (energy in the winding) on which hours might be recorded
  10. 10.Heat of battle over short period of time
  11. 11.Bird Ridge, at this point, is on left
  12. 12.Fool does a turn in Fame this list should explain
  13. 13.Good time to cut failed parachutes rubbery substance
  14. 14.Track suit top, strapped
  15. 15.Alloy not encountered in a female, commonly
  16. 16.Raise aloft makeshift nosebag to the Scottish air
  17. 17.Any riots in Kabuls new Soviet prison?
  18. 18.Gang leader doing notorious Jacks work (riveting)
  19. 19.Old fellow welcomes backing in new scheme
  20. 20.See 22
  21. 21.See 17 across
  22. 22.Dots satisfied, getting back a lot of money
  23. 23.Attendant lacks temperature guide
  24. 24.Sound measure
  25. 25.Source of nut production
  26. 26.Puffed out, naff outburst during session
  27. 27.Which could make Bruno have passionate feelings
  28. 28.A startled demon
  29. 29.See 6
  30. 30.Lovely to keep a gun as a trinket
  31. 31.Not feeling well, with no more anagrams to do?
  32. 32.Like some wine? Its no end crude!
  33. 33.Glad beer is brewed by the Danube
  34. 34.Drama one never sees performed
  35. 35.Ordering heralds back to military town
  36. 36.Circus artistes value is tumbling
  37. 37.One now weak, having given out on behalf of church
  38. 38.A large majority? Not quite
  39. 39.Feature of river no end odd
  40. 40.Second vegetable, like a tomato, taken on fork
  41. 41.Film director, finally failing, took place in the ranks
  42. 42.Win gold: I follow
  43. 43.Hymn is horrible cancel it
  44. 44.Routine hard for girl
  45. 45.Letters on keyboard can be low
  46. 46.Turn ones back on the roast second time round?
  47. 47.Film or plays, right?
  48. 48.Wee darling?
  49. 49.Space for ones elbow?
  50. 50.Chaps first to enter ministers home
  51. 51.Rush of crowd needs some calmness urgently
  52. 52.Maybe theres still life in what they do
  53. 53.Find a match here? This can flame up quickly
  54. 54.Banshee terrified failing man
  55. 55.Tree thats between poplar and chestnut
  56. 56.Drive back to dance round piano
  57. 57.Specimen, small, more than enough
  58. 58.Settle area, wild land
  59. 59.New coins, ones obsession
  60. 60.Given this freedom, name optician at random
  61. 61.Rather large women slicing tidy piece of cake!
  62. 62.hypocritical extramarital introduction there?
  63. 63.Notice chap at wedding making escape
  64. 64.Is no longer sexy, taking pee in cleansing vessel
  65. 65.Takes over game on green
  66. 66.Might one deliver a kick to stop bishop surfing?
  67. 67.Thaws apparently started being too fond of a drink
  68. 68.A blast from the past, old sanctions supporting Dutch in Australia
  69. 69.Clean a drum up finally then set about to beat it
  70. 70.What does one get when one crosses an angry jackal with an eccentric mouse 7?
  71. 71.Being sluggish getting into part repeatedly reduced great actors status
  72. 72.Supply aged men when one seeks a mate
  73. 73.Normal broadcasting of cricket scores
  74. 74.Still lifes second item replaced by painting group
  75. 75.Make up for first of indiscretions admitted by old head
  76. 76.See 14
  77. 77.He, locked in by me, capitally does the job in kitchen
  78. 78.Labour election flyer?
  79. 79.Quattro Formaggio and Hawaiian one cuts into squares?
  80. 80.Corruptly claim this set restriction on finances
  81. 81.Sugar hit cut in size
  82. 82.Wrap with some lamb sandwiches
  83. 83.Gins stocked up by business partner
  84. 84.RAF retirees one moving, heroic deed
  85. 85.Church divides pasty supper, maybe using salami tactics
  86. 86.Ones got out a stick to prod the First Lady
  87. 87.Reformed Cream harbouring old, old anger about Tom Jones?
  88. 88.Seeing a great deal
  89. 89.Virtuoso matador holds animals bodies
  90. 90.Stock complaint from canonised cricket commentator?
  91. 91.Many a tender dog with sincere barking (in all across solutions here)
  92. 92.Dumplings not on, Edwards usual
  93. 93.Depression case from Kansas is trouble for the doctor
  94. 94.Gangster to take drugs, holding nothing back
  95. 95.Concerned with the cloth of skirt tailor retails
  96. 96.Two lots of the writers books at hand
  97. 97.A Liberal breaks rule to switch allegiance
  98. 98.It could be true, mind shows undeveloped part
  99. 99.Two British monarchs hosting posh nobility
  100. 100.Spell a word

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