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The Guardian Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 18-January-2019
The Guardian Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 17-January-2019
The Guardian Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 16-January-2019
  1. 1.22 circling a strip
  2. 2.Painter so upset about similar purplish mark
  3. 3.Liquid I learn and hormonal secretion
  4. 4.Ornament in Paris bent, unfortunately
  5. 5.Believe seconds consumed by happy 22?
  6. 6.See 25
  7. 7.Bone up about love before posh party in private quarters
  8. 8.22 gobbling last of saccharin, sweetener
  9. 9.22 Im not sure is native
  10. 10.Habit of black 22
  11. 11.Tiresome Irish girl can start to grate
  12. 12.Metal, exquisite poison
  13. 13.Send flying 22 a bug?
  14. 14.In opposite directions, 22 bit
  15. 15.Asian city, Jaipur ultimately in range
  16. 16.Balanced performer, close to immaculate in operatic record?
  17. 17.Longing to tour a country
  18. 18.Cutter cutting edge before 22 turns up
  19. 19.End of silent film for one on the railways
  20. 20.Indicator of probability searched for, initially lost
  21. 21.doing as one does, Carol securing hat
  22. 22.Add number, extracting one in sack
  23. 23.the same to mention
  24. 24.Can alternative response be ostensibly triggered, all beginning to poke 22?
  25. 25.Black bag originally going cheap?
  26. 26.Member of large class in brief learning, infants and maybe elders?
  27. 27.Pass old island
  28. 28.Litter with green rubbish on Mercury, perhaps
  29. 29.Some part of poems art, perhaps?
  30. 30.From barn, as horse led out, they steer
  31. animal with no lines stars
  32. 32.Fussy car rental
  33. 33.Kings ambassador fine, say, following commotion
  34. 34.Family member is cow (not daughter)
  35. 35.House in miniature around back of Hyde Park
  36. 36.Ones group of rebels relaxed at first in comfort
  37. 37.Trump, perhaps, to slip up badly
  38. 38.Goodbye to the outside, going in to die in alley
  39. 39.Relax, supplying energy for one in grief
  40. 40.Forty-eight hours backchat thats boring?
  41. 41.Succeeded with hat, lost it with feet?
  42. 42.Play, with this?
  43. 43.Judges last case bringing back memories
  44. 44.A number shared meal
  45. 45.Get people back into perpetual strife? Nothing in it
  46. 46.Gun, one produced on stage
  47. 47.Suggesting Louis XIV collapsed?
  48. 48.Haddock, part of it with bread
  49. 49.Sounds of foxtrot that are heard in the wings
  50. 50.Exerts heavy pressure on joint shortly notices
  51. 51.Waiting period as posh car collects bachelor
  52. 52.Film course for one with a problem
  53. 53.Representative comes out of bin cleaner
  54. 54.Mans house and college spoken of
  55. 55.Chemists position serious
  56. 56.Almost home, where this is?
  57. 57.Foolish to eat a bit of radicchio leaf
  58. 58.Dutch or transatlantic pageant winner
  59. 59.University teachers admitting middling grade is rough
  60. 60.A learner follows more advanced kind of thinking
  61. 61.See 13
  62. 62.They prevent issue in Norman Mailers writings?
  63. 63.Tiny chest, bust thats fake
  64. 64.Biblical character and husband shape up
  65. 65.Bizarre journey, moving right to the east
  66. 66.Hairy and desperate chap rogues manhandled
  67. 67.Set thats endless one spoke and spoke
  68. 68.See 1
  69. 69.Tramp keeps jazzy shirt, I think, for tourist site
  70. 70.See 7
  71. 71.Goddess on film cried sadly, desiring lost youth
  72. 72.Reversal of space-time where craft are made fast
  73. 73.New York girl group makes fast connection
  74. 74.African natives internet domain?
  75. 75.Scots remarkable at compre­hending the German primer
  76. 76.Solve problem about right back
  77. 77.Boy digs into brownies and plum, being offered nothing else
  78. 78.People about to tour country in vehicle
  79. 79.That is skirting issue still
  80. 80.Exploding cigar no good for ones health?
  81. 81.Schoolchildren maybe working
  82. 82.Terror about to finish soon
  83. 83.One takes off clothes, turning brown
  84. 84.See 1
  85. 85.Frantic doctor nurses English XI and German XI
  86. 86.See 28
  87. 87.Indicator of base books with lots of mawkishness
  88. 88.A silly price for sketch
  89. 89.Released song thats top in terms of quantity
  90. 90.Cryptically spot expenses?
  91. 91.Umpire: Its very simple after openers dismissed to get set again
  92. 92.Tease royals firstborn
  93. 93.Sheep penned within limits of jail is highly rated
  94. 94.In Houses of Parliament covering independence
  95. 95.More shaky bowler, one spins Catch! Bravo!
  96. 96.Can I have your attention? You sound drunk
  97. 97.Judge turning up to free 6? Thats annoying
  98. 98.Entire NHS in trouble, losing ten to bruise
  99. 99.Merchant recalled wine with skill
  100. 100.Horror film-makers hit?

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