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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers -29-February-2024
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers -28-February-2024
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers -27-February-2024
  1. 1.Boatman taken in by very much unknown type of cake
  2. 2.Voracious eater of filo custard slice
  3. 3.Steal quietly forward to get cake
  4. 4.Blended mince pie with rum
  5. 5.Popular small porker with head removed close say to wings?
  6. 6.Beginning to confess eating pastry
  7. 7.Boatman returns with kilo of rock cake
  8. 8.The ends of a journey and not getting sickness: that's unusual
  9. 9.Pastry made from shortcrust mix: seconds wasted forgetting time and temperature
  10. 10.Questioning limits of action: awful, yet ironic
  11. 11.Showed cop's note in pastry case by journalist
  12. 12.Under canvas, reportedly getting saturated?
  13. 13.Pastry base for Spooner's tinned meat
  14. 14.Unboxed item - import sale material
  15. 15.Six against one, humbled ultimately by head's clarity
  16. 16.Track and field where his cattle wander
  17. 17.Pastry with problematic calories? Not so!
  18. 18.Messages ending bygone custom via papyri: small progress?
  19. 19.Good pastry (shortcrust) leads to intense cramps of the stomach
  20. 20.Second rock cake is liable to produce vomit
  21. 21.Let off steam, in consequence rejecting leader
  22. 22.Flaky pastry is displaying lack of density
  23. 23.Chai free to be served regularly here
  24. 24.Pastry for tea, you say made with cunning, missing topping
  25. 25.They're forbidden to eat bun's filling in American cakes
  26. 26.Type of cake that's a hit
  27. 27.He mapped the source of the Orinoco after raising one of London's hospitals
  28. 28.Somewhat like Judo master's pastry?

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