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  1. 1.Word in a computer document that can be clicked on in order to move to a related document
  2. 2.See 9 Across
  3. 3.Joint of the human leg connecting the tibia and fibula with the femur
  4. 4.19th-century US poet whose works include Wild Nights - Wild Nights!
  5. 5.Marsha , Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for The Goodbye Girl
  6. 6.God of the earth in Babylonian and Assyrian mythology
  7. 7.Best Writing, Original Screenplay Oscar nominee for Notorious
  8. 8.Noah , 2000 Olympic 1,500m gold medallist
  9. 9.Genus of plants comprising the horsetails
  10. 10.1990 Commonwealth mens high jump gold medallist
  11. 11.Joe , record producer portrayed by Con ONeill in 2008 biopic Telstar
  12. 12.2013 comedy and crime film starring Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer
  13. 13.See 14 Down.
  14. 14.See 17 Across.
  15. 15.Paul , Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar winner for The Story of Louis Pasteur
  16. 16.Sea, arm of the Mediterranean between Greece and Turkey
  17. 17.See 12 Down.
  18. 18.Polygon with eight sides
  19. 19.James , 18th-century Scottish biographer of Dr Johnson
  20. 20.Game similar to whist played with a double pack of 64 cards with nothing below a seven
  21. 21.2001 film comedy starring Rachel Griffiths in the title role
  22. 22.S M , Australia Test cricketer who hit 125 against India at Sydney in 2004
  23. 23.Jeff , IBF Super Middleweight champion from 2004-06
  24. 24.Greg , author of the novels Dead Sleep and Sleep No More
  25. 25.2011 2,000 Guineas-winning horse
  26. 26.County of the Republic of Ireland whose county town is Mullingar