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  1. 1.2000 film comedy featuring Liz Hurley as The Devil
  2. 2.Raymond —, Canadian actor who played Perry Mason and Robert Ironside on television
  3. 3.Roderick —, detective creation of Ngaio Marsh
  4. 4.Genus of small trees and shrubs whose species include the spindle tree
  5. 5.European game fish with a cylindrical dark-greenish body
  6. 6.Large four-part muscle that extends the leg
  7. 7.Dinner jacket named after — Park, a village and resort in New York
  8. 8.George —, 19th-century author of novels Indiana and Consuelo
  9. 9.US television police drama series that starred Erik Estrada as Officer Frank Poncherello
  10. 10.US state; capital Lincoln
  11. 11.Nick —, rugby union fullback whose 2007 England Test debut was against South Africa
  12. 12.Vicente —, revolutionary general elected president of Mexico in 1829
  13. 13.— River, stream in NE Siberia formerly known for its Gulag labour camps
  14. 14.Small fawn-coloured antelope of African grasslands and bush south of the Sahara
  15. 15.City in Kansai, Japan; capital of the country from 710-784
  16. 16.Samantha —, actress who played Auntie Liz in BBC TV comedy series Grandma's House
  17. 17.Children's card game
  18. 18.Side drum with a rattle of metal wires on the bottom head
  19. 19.Michael —, author of the stage plays Alphabetical Order and Noises Off
  20. 20.Capital of Uzbekistan
  21. 21.See 10 Across
  22. 22.Old Testament priest of the 5th century BC
  23. 23.Hawaiian tree whose reddish wood is used for furniture
  24. 24.Liquid measure equal to about one and three-quarter pints
  25. 25.— water, alkaline mineral water from a French spa on the south shore of Lake Geneva
  26. 26.— Islands, group of over 6,000 in the Gulf of Bothnia under Finnish administration