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  1. 1.Kingdom in the SW Pacific; capital Nuku'alofa
  2. 2.Six Nations rugby union team that last won the Grand Slam in 1990
  3. 3.Robert —, actor who played Freddy Krueger in the A Nightmare on Elm Street series from 1984-2003
  4. 4.Constable in William Shakespeare stage play Love's Labour's Lost
  5. 5.Soft creamy white cheese similar to Camembert
  6. 6.Justine —, 2007 US Open singles tennis championship winner
  7. 7.Fragrant rootstock of various irises used in perfumery
  8. 8.Region of E France famous for its wines
  9. 9.1968 musical-comedy film starring The Monkees
  10. 10.Unit of area equal to 100 square metres
  11. 11.See 6 Across
  12. 12.City in NW England linked to the Mersey estuary by a ship canal
  13. 13.Romas —, 1992 Olympic men's discus gold medallist for Lithuania
  14. 14.Son of Priam and Hecuba in Greek mythology who fatally wounded Achilles
  15. 15.Christian festival celebrated on 1 November
  16. 16.Shrub or small tree with red, purple or black berrylike fruits
  17. 17.James —, British theatre critic who authored nine-volume diary Ego
  18. 18.Cut of lamb consisting of both loins
  19. 19.Full-bodied golden-coloured sweet sherry
  20. 20.African republic whose capital is Lusaka
  21. 21.— code, five- or nine-digit number used by the US postal service
  22. 22.Jessica —, actress who played Jane Rochford in 2015 BBC TV drama series Wolf Hall
  23. 23.Actress who played Queen Gorgo in 2006 action film 300
  24. 24.& 8A William Shakespeare play whose characters include Don John and Don Pedro
  25. 25.Mount —, stratovolcano on Honshu; highest peak in Japan