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  1. 1.2016 animated film starring the voice talent of Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon
  2. 2.Unit of area equal to 4,840 square yards
  3. 3.Maud —, actress who played the title role in 1983 action film Octopussy
  4. 4.One-sixtieth of a minute
  5. 5.1975 ballet by George Balanchine set to music by Maurice Ravel
  6. 6.Archipelago in the Caribbean consisting of the Greater — and Lesser —
  7. 7.See 26 Across
  8. 8.Fourth month of the year
  9. 9.Style of design and interior decoration in Europe and the US in the 1920s and 1930s
  10. 10.Large sea mammal such as the sperm — or blue —
  11. 11.2017 romcom-musical starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone
  12. 12.Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar winner for Airport
  13. 13.Tourist island of the Balearics in the Mediterranean
  14. 14.King of Argos in Greek legend whose children included Deipyle and Aegialeus
  15. 15.European finch with a brown streaked plumage
  16. 16.Genus comprising the Australian desert-living lizard known as the thorny devil
  17. 17.Thomas —, historian and critic who married Jane Baillie Welsh in 1826
  18. 18.Legendary creature also called an abominable snowman
  19. 19.2017 novel by Gerald Seymour
  20. 20.The —, 1997 film drama written, directed by and starring Robert Duvall
  21. 21.Those territories of central Italy held by the Catholic Church between the middle of the 8th century and 1870
  22. 22.Edward —, composer of 1900 oratorio The Dream of Gerontius
  23. 23.2016 film drama starring Dev Patel and Rooney Mara
  24. 24.Damien —, artist whose statue Verity stands at the entrance to Ilfracombe harbour, Devon
  25. 25.Rugby league team; 1971 Challenge Cup Final winners
  26. 26.Dwelling place of the blessed after death in Greek mythology