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  1. 1.Friedrich —, German scientist after whom a scale for expressing the hardness of minerals is named
  2. 2.River in Brazil that rises on the Mato Grosso plateau before flowing north to the Amazon delta
  3. 3.Harry —, US composer; inventor of musical instruments the diamond marimba and chromelodeon
  4. 4.Social insect also called a white ant
  5. 5.Yoko —, Japan-born musician and artist whose works include 1964 book Grapefruit
  6. 6.2007 biopic starring Emile Hirsch as Chris McCandless
  7. 7.The —, 2008 novel by Will Self
  8. 8.Alvar —, Finnish architect and designer of bent plywood furniture
  9. 9.Oskar —, Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for I Remember Mama
  10. 10.Robert —, poet who authored 1929 autobiography Goodbye to All That
  11. 11.Goddess of agricultural fertility in Greek mythology
  12. 12.Any of several breeds of gundog with a silky coat and long ears
  13. 13.Richard —, US inventor of masking tape and Scotch Tape
  14. 14.Chessman of the lowest theoretical value
  15. 15.Roman goddess of the night
  16. 16.Long-bladed hand tool used to cut or shape wood, stone or metal
  17. 17.Woody —, actor who played Draba in 1960 action film Spartacus
  18. 18.1949 comedy-drama film starring Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn
  19. 19.Carlo —, Italian author of 1945 memoir Christ Stopped at Eboli
  20. 20.1999 novel by Iain Banks
  21. 21.Christopher —, author of 1999 novel The Banyan Tree
  22. 22.John —, Scottish artist whose works include 1767 oil painting King Lear in the Storm
  23. 23.Stand-up comedian who portrayed John the Postman in 2002 biopic 24 Hour Party People
  24. 24.SI unit of electromotive force
  25. 25.1997 action film starring Ray Liotta and Lauren Holly
  26. 26.Position-finding device used in underwater navigation