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  1. 1.Ruby , comedienne who authored 2002 memoir How Do You Want Me?
  2. 2.Alcoholic drink made from fermented apple juice
  3. 3.The , 1970 animated film starring the voice talent of Phil Harris and Eva Gabor
  4. 4.Actor who played Chekov in 1960s US television series Star Trek
  5. 5.Jenny , 19th-century soprano known as the Swedish Nightingale
  6. 6.Lizard of tropical Asia and Africa with reduced limbs
  7. 7.Samuel , 19th-century British politician after whom the load line on a ship is named
  8. 8.State capital of Georgia, US
  9. 9.Otto , 1944 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner
  10. 10.President of Yugoslavia from 1953-80 born Josip Broz
  11. 11.State bordering Saudi Arabia; capital Doha
  12. 12.Jamie , Beziers Herault rugby union prop; 2013 Ireland one-Test wonder against USA
  13. 13.City in Styria, Austria, south of Graz
  14. 14.The , 1968 science fiction novel by Ted Hughes
  15. 15.See 10 Across
  16. 16.Scott , US golfer; 1987 US Open Championship winner
  17. 17.2010 comedy-drama film starring Om Puri and Aqib Khan
  18. 18.Anton , actor who played Chekov in 2009 action film Star Trek
  19. 19.Russian unit of length equal to approximately two-thirds of a mile
  20. 20.Cyprus-born entrepreneur who appeared on BBC TV show Dragons Den from 2005-12
  21. 21.Bob , 1964 Olympic 5,000m gold medallist
  22. 22.Hawaiian word for hello or goodbye
  23. 23.Christopher , Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar winner for The Deer Hunter
  24. 24.2004 action film starring Ron Perlman in the title role
  25. 25.R G D , England Test cricketer who took 8-43 against Australia in Leeds in 1981