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  1. 1.See 9 Across
  2. 2.Cup, annual tournament contested by British and American ladies tennis teams between 1923-89
  3. 3.Eldest of Noahs three sons in the Old Testament
  4. 4.European finch with a brown streaked plumage
  5. 5.Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin show; 1977 Tony Award winner for Best Musical and Best Original Score
  6. 6.Sound made by a pigeon
  7. 7.Unit of weight equal to 2,240 pounds
  8. 8.Claude , Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Mr Skeffington
  9. 9.Annette , singer and actress who played Dee Dee in 1964 film musical Bikini Beach
  10. 10.2010 Cheltenham Gold Cup winner ridden by Paddy Brennan
  11. 11.Gavin , British sculptor and conceptual artist whose installations include 2004s The Golden Thread
  12. 12.City in Canada housing the University of Saskatchewan
  13. 13.1979 sci-fi film starring Tom Skerritt and Sigourney Weaver
  14. 14.1816 opera by Gioachino Rossini subtitled The Useless Precaution
  15. 15.The , 2008 novel by Christos Tsiolkas
  16. 16.Sea god in classical mythology; husband of Doris
  17. 17.Joan , Spanish painter whose works include 1967s The Gold of Azure
  18. 18.Yvonne , singer and actress who played Mary Magdalene in 1973 film musical Jesus Christ Superstar
  19. 19.1981 film comedy starring Ringo Starr and Dennis Quaid
  20. 20.Democratic socialist magazine relaunched in 2018 whose editors have included Michael Foot and Chris Mullin
  21. 21.Ferdinand , 19th-century French diplomat and developer of the Suez Canal
  22. 22.Ambrose , US poet and satirist who disappeared in Mexico in 1913
  23. 23.Small port and resort in Argyll and Bute, west Scotland
  24. 24.Katie , 2005 and 2007 FINA World Aquatics Championships 200m and 400m individual medley gold medallist
  25. 25.Moses Ndiema , 2014 Commonwealth 10,000m gold medallist
  26. 26.See 1 Down