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  1. 1.Hard ring-shaped bread roll
  2. 2.Kate , English actress who played Caress Morrell in US TV drama series Dynasty
  3. 3.2008 Olympic mens 400m gold medallist
  4. 4.River, tributary of the Missouri, US, that flows into the Lake of the Ozarks reservoir
  5. 5.Genus of tropical American evergreen trees also called lignum vitae
  6. 6.See 19
  7. 7.2000 comedy-drama film featuring Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis
  8. 8.Alison , 2002 Commonwealth 50m freestyle swimming gold medallist
  9. 9.Bertie , Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland from 1997-2008
  10. 10.Richard , director of the Lethal Weapon film tetralogy
  11. 11.See 6
  12. 12.Roman god of war
  13. 13.Plant whose thick white pungent root is ground and combined with vinegar to make a sauce
  14. 14.Ludovico , Italian author of epic poem Orlando Furioso and play I Suppositi
  15. 15.1977-78 and 1979-1980 Champion Jockey of National Hunt racing
  16. 16.1975 novel by Jilly Cooper
  17. 17.River in Germany that flows through Wurzburg to the Rhine
  18. 18.European kingdom; capital Madrid
  19. 19.Oliver , Best Director Oscar winner for Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July
  20. 20.County of the Republic of Ireland; county town Carrick-on-Shannon
  21. 21.Eleanor , actress who played Augusta Colt in 2004 romcom Wimbledon
  22. 22.US poet whose works include 1920s Hugh Selwyn Mauberley
  23. 23.Small aromatic plant of the mint family
  24. 24.Hard silvery-white metal; symbol Os
  25. 25.Prince of Arragon in William Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing
  26. 26.Volcanic island in the Arctic Ocean between Norway and Greenland