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  1. 1.Garlic mayonnaise
  2. 2.Small town in Flintshire, Wales, noted for its 13th-century ruined castle
  3. 3.Ruth , Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar winner for Rosemarys Baby
  4. 4.Industrial city in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, at the foot of the Putorana Plateau
  5. 5.The Adventures of , 1940 novel by Alison Uttley
  6. 6.Female adult pig
  7. 7.City in Hokkaido, Japan, on Ishikari Bay northwest of Sapporo
  8. 8.USAF test pilot portrayed by Fred Ward in 1983 film drama The Right Stuff
  9. 9.Capital of Free State, South Africa
  10. 10.1870 opera by Giuseppe Verdi
  11. 11.1996 crime film starring Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon
  12. 12.1956 novel by Ed McBain
  13. 13.Jack , actor who played Otto Witt in 1964 film drama Zulu
  14. 14.Organization formed in 1961 to administer a common policy for the sale of petroleum
  15. 15.Long-haired sheepdog also called a Hungarian Water Dog
  16. 16.Ancient kingdom of the Sabeans
  17. 17.Richard , US president from 1969-74
  18. 18.Fifth month of the French Republican Calendar bridging January and February
  19. 19.Ninth letter of the Greek alphabet
  20. 20.Alcoholic drink flavoured with juniper berries
  21. 21.D S , Australia Test cricketer who made 177 against Bangladesh in Cairns in 2003
  22. 22.Town in the unitary authority of Stockton-on-Tees associated with the chemical industry
  23. 23.Empire, name by which the former Turkish dynasty in Europe, Africa and Asia was also known
  24. 24.Capital of Jordan
  25. 25.One of the fairies in William Shakespeare stage play A Midsummer Nights Dream