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  1. 1.Any one of the 150 sacred songs, poems and prayers that constitute the book of the Old Testament following the Book of Job
  2. 2.1986 novel by Julian Barnes
  3. 3.Electronic digital computer developed by John Mauchly and J P Eckert during the Second World War
  4. 4.Egyptian maid of Sarah in the Old Testament; mother of Ishmael by Abraham
  5. 5.See 12
  6. 6.Messenger of the gods in Roman mythology
  7. 7.Low-growing evergreen shrub with black berries found in limestone areas of open woodland
  8. 8.See 22 Across
  9. 9.Island in the Aegean Sea separated from Turkey by the Mycale Strait
  10. 10.Island in northwest Lake Superior, Michigan, forming part of a US National Park
  11. 11.US director whose films include Barcelona and Metropolitan
  12. 12.Jon , actor who played Don Draper in US television drama series Mad Men
  13. 13.Member of a Native American people formerly of the Southern Plains now living in Oklahoma
  14. 14.Italian dessert made with sponge soaked in coffee and Marsala, soft cheese and powdered chocolate
  15. 15.Egg-shaped wind instrument also called a sweet potato
  16. 16.Standard unit of currency of Peru replaced by the nuevo sol in 1991
  17. 17.City and tourist centre in Lombardy, Italy, housing the Villa Olmo
  18. 18.Ezra , American poet; author of Ripostes and The Cantos
  19. 19.2015 romcom starring Simon Pegg and Lake Bell
  20. 20.River in Spain rising in the Sierra Morena mountains associated with copper mining
  21. 21.2013 animated film featuring the voice talents of Colin Farrell and Josh Hutcherson
  22. 22.See 8 Across
  23. 23.2001 comedy-drama film starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Black
  24. 24.Dominant west-to-east winds in middle latitudes of both hemispheres
  25. 25.Kirstie , co-presenter of Channel 4 television series Location, Location, Location