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  1. 1.Capital of Ecuador
  2. 2.Larry , actor who played Archie Mitchell in BBC TV soap EastEnders
  3. 3.Town in Mendip, Somerset; birthplace of 2009 F1 World Championship winner Jenson Button
  4. 4.Emma , Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar winner for La La Land
  5. 5.Jorge , 2011-12 WBO Bantamweight champion
  6. 6.City in Osaka, Japan, northeast of Moriguchi housing a campus of Setsunan University
  7. 7.Department of southern France; capital Foix
  8. 8.1939-49 BBC Radio comedy programme starring Tommy Handley
  9. 9.Henry , author of novels The Aspern Papers and Roderick Hudson
  10. 10.Large shrub whose fruit is the sloe
  11. 11.1922 novel by D H Lawrence
  12. 12.Four-wheeled horse-drawn closed carriage with a raised open drivers seat in front
  13. 13.1976 film Western directed by and starring Clint Eastwood in the title role
  14. 14.Comedian and writer who authored 2005 memoir If I Dont Write It, Nobody Else Will
  15. 15.2018 action film starring Bruce Willis and Cole Hauser
  16. 16.See 1 Down
  17. 17.Tropical American tree with smooth-skinned edible greenish-purple fruit
  18. 18.See 5 Down
  19. 19.See 3 Down
  20. 20.Ada , owner of Cold Comfort Farm in the 1932 novel of that name by Stella Gibbons
  21. 21.2006 action film starring Denzel Washington and Paula Patton
  22. 22.Benjamin , 18th-century American statesman and scientist whose inventions include a lightning rod
  23. 23.1983 novel by Ed McBain
  24. 24.General Tom , 19th-century circus performer born Charles Sherwood Stratton
  25. 25.US actress who played Peach Lips in 1953 musical-drama film Lili
  26. 26.See 22 Down