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  1. 1.Castle, site in East Sussex of The Royal Greenwich Observatory from 1948-90
  2. 2.Douglas , Conservative MP for Witney from 1983-97; Home Secretary from 1985-89
  3. 3.Kenny , 1992-2003 Scotland wing who played club rugby for Glasgow Warriors, Wasps and London Scottish
  4. 4.Capital of Brazil
  5. 5.Greek wine flavoured with resin
  6. 6.Island in the Inner Hebrides; site of an abbey founded by St Columba
  7. 7.Ballet step in which a dancer springs from one leg and lands on the other
  8. 8.Collective noun for a group of lions
  9. 9.Colourless radioactive element; symbol Rn
  10. 10.Latin hymn of the 13th century describing the Last Judgement whose title translates as day of wrath
  11. 11.US jazz singer who played Maggie Jackson in 1955 film drama Pete Kellys Blues
  12. 12.Legendary foster brother and steward of King Arthur
  13. 13.Andre , French Marshal in the armies of Napoleon awarded the title Prince dEssling
  14. 14.Shark of chiefly warm waters with flattened extensions on either side of the head
  15. 15.Romance language of Europe also known as Langue doc
  16. 16.Alloy based on iron containing carbon and small quantities of other elements
  17. 17.See 19
  18. 18.2010 Tim Burton fantasy film starring Mia Wasikowska in the title role
  19. 19.Howard , US radio personality who played himself in 1997 biopic Private Parts
  20. 20.Denis , 1980-83 Deputy Leader of the Labour Party; Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1974-79
  21. 21.Screen or wall decoration at the back of an altar
  22. 22.1974 fantasy film starring Sean Connery and Charlotte Rampling
  23. 23.I, King of Albania from 1928-39
  24. 24.Lemuroid primate of Madagascar also called a babakoto
  25. 25.See 10 Across