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Mirror quiz Crossword Answers -29-February-2024
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  1. 1.Perennial plant such as the Turk's Cap — or Tiger —
  2. 2.Mythological creature slayed and skinned by Heracles as the first of his twelve labours
  3. 3.Ancient town of Asia Minor famed for the story of Hero and Leander
  4. 4.& 25A US computer software executive who cofounded Microsoft with Paul Allen
  5. 5.Nikolai —, author of 1842 novel Dead Souls
  6. 6.Eleventh sign of the zodiac; the Water Carrier
  7. 7.Sheltered inlet between North Mainland and Northmavine, Shetland Islands, housing a petroleum terminal
  8. 8.Simon —, former BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 presenter associated with the feature Our Tune
  9. 9.1959 stage play by Jean Anouilh
  10. 10.Ben —, golfer who won the 1948 US Open Championship
  11. 11.— Theatre, building in Southwark, London, built in 1599
  12. 12.See 7 Across
  13. 13.See 16 Across
  14. 14.The —, one of three ships commanded by Christopher Columbus in 1492
  15. 15.Former small coin of France worth three deniers
  16. 16.— Islands, group off the coast of Northumberland housing a bird sanctuary
  17. 17.Large hard grains of wheat used for puddings and soups
  18. 18.Laurence —, author of 1914 poem For the Fallen
  19. 19.Almost horizontal passage driven into a mine for access or drainage
  20. 20.River of North Yorkshire that flows to the Swale to form the Ouse
  21. 21.The —, 1939 war film starring Conrad Veidt and Valerie Hobson also known as U-Boat 29
  22. 22.Muriel —, author of novels The Girls of Slender Means and The Finishing School
  23. 23.& 2D Manchester-based speedway team; National League champions from 1933-36
  24. 24.Author of 1945 novel The Bridge on the Drina; 1961 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature
  25. 25.Military cap with a circular top and horizontal peak
  26. 26.Bryan —, South Africa winger who scored four tries in the 59-7 2007 Rugby World Cup win over Samoa
  27. 27.Daniel —, Irish nationalist leader known as The Liberator who died in 1847

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