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Mirror quiz - Solution For Crossword Date - 20-January-2019
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  1. 1.City in Uusimaa, Finland, housing the Gallen-Kallela Museum
  2. 2.Gene , World Heavyweight boxing champion from 1926-28
  3. 3.Suzanne , 1995 Tony Award Best Featured Actress in a Play nominee for The Moliere Comedies
  4. 4.2009 novel by Jeff Lindsay
  5. 5.Roman god of the underworld
  6. 6.Larva of the dragonfly or mayfly
  7. 7.2003 film drama starring Joely Richardson and Shane Richie
  8. 8.1999 novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde
  9. 9.Metric unit of mass equal to one thousandth of a kilogram
  10. 10.Supreme god in Germanic mythology
  11. 11.See 12 Across
  12. 12.Town in Hampshire on Portsmouth harbour
  13. 13.Chief island of the Seychelles housing the capital Victoria
  14. 14.Jenny , 19th-century soprano known as the Swedish Nightingale
  15. 15.Town in Surrey containing the field of Runnymede
  16. 16.Lavrentiy , Soviet chief of secret police portrayed by Simon Russell Beale in 2017 film comedy The Death of Stalin
  17. 17.Genus of flowering plants in the iris family including the flame freesia
  18. 18.2013 animated film featuring the voice talent of Colin Farrell and Josh Hutcherson
  19. 19.Michel , French marshal executed for treason in 1815
  20. 20.1992 stage play by David Mamet
  21. 21.The , 1970s ITV drama series starring Robert Vaughn and Nyree Dawn Porter
  22. 22.Coastal city and holiday resort in South Wales
  23. 23.Joss , English singer-actress who portrayed Anne of Cleves in US television drama series The Tudors
  24. 24.Dmitri , composer of ballets The Bolt and The Age of Gold
  25. 25.Jules , president of FIFA from 1921-54
  26. 26.See 13 Across
  27. 27.Lion in the The Chronicles of Narnia heptalogy by C S Lewis
  28. 28.1977 and 1978 Prix de lArc de Triomphe winner ridden by Lester Piggott
  29. 29.American online news and social networking service co-founded by Jack Dorsey in 2006
  30. 30.1998 comedy-drama film starring Drew Barrymore and Anjelica Huston
  31. 31.Pioneer mail courier and banking service that operated in the western US from the mid-19th century
  32. 32.The , Test cricket series between England and Australia
  33. 33.Anthony , prime minister from 1955-57
  34. 34.See 15
  35. 35.See 7 Across
  36. 36.Actor who starred as Soames Forsyte in 1967 BBC TV drama series The Forsyte Saga
  37. 37.See 3
  38. 38.1985 film comedy starring Eileen Brennan and Tim Curry
  39. 39.The , Scottish group whose albums include 1989s Hats and 2004s High
  40. 40.Longest river in Great Britain
  41. 41.1989 novel by E L Doctorow
  42. 42.1965-77 BBC TV childrens programme that featured characters Zebedee and Dougal
  43. 43.See 9 Down
  44. 44.Flesh of a cow when killed for food
  45. 45.Father of Ajax and Teucer in Greek mythology
  46. 46.Substance formed when iron compounds corrode in the presence of water and oxygen
  47. 47.Member of a body of lancers first employed in the Polish army
  48. 48.See 4
  49. 49.Formerly, a daughter of a king of Spain or Portugal who was not heir to the throne
  50. 50.1980 studio album by The Jam featuring song Thats Entertainment
  51. 51.Inlet of the Pacific Ocean in South Island, New Zealand, formerly called Cooks Mistake
  52. 52.Ruth , last woman to be executed in Britain portrayed by Miranda Richardson in 1985 biopic Dance with a Stranger
  53. 53.Bryan , 2008 Olympic decathlon gold medallist
  54. 54.Cornel , Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for A Song to Remember
  55. 55.Art of growing dwarfed ornamental varieties of trees and shrubs in pots
  56. 56.Mr , law-stationer in 1853 Charles Dickens novel Bleak House
  57. 57.Mark , English golfer; 1994 Peugeot Open de France tournament winner
  58. 58.See 3
  59. 59.Front part of the lower leg
  60. 60.Alloy of iron and nickel discovered by Charles Edouard Guillaume
  61. 61.Lysette , actress whose played Lyssa in 1983 adventure film Krull
  62. 62.The , 1905 stage play by Harley Granville-Barker
  63. 63.Alps, mountain range on the France-Italy border whose highest peak is Monte Viso
  64. 64.Milija , Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper; 1981 FA Cup Final winner
  65. 65.1970 Eurovision Song Contest winner; 2011 Republic of Ireland presidential election candidate
  66. 66.Matthew , steamship captain; first man to swim the English Channel
  67. 67.Jude , Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for Cold Mountain
  68. 68.1980 film musical starring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly
  69. 69.Mickey , New York Yankees MLB player who holds the record for most World Series home runs
  70. 70.1980 studio album by XTC
  71. 71.I R , England Test cricketer who hit 115 against Pakistan in Faisalabad in 2005
  72. 72.1879 novella by Henry James
  73. 73.David , Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar winner for Separate Tables
  74. 74.Network of cells forming a nerve centre in an invertebrate
  75. 75.Italian painter whose works include 1608s The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist
  76. 76.Marcelo , 1998 Australian Open singles tennis championship runner-up
  77. 77.Rachel , actress who portrayed Queen Isabella in 1992 biopic Christopher Columbus: The Discovery
  78. 78.Series of six or more balls bowled by a cricketer
  79. 79.Strong fine cotton thread or fabric named after its original place of manufacture in France
  80. 80.French balloonist born Gaspard-Felix Tournachon credited with having taken the first aerial photographs in 1858
  81. 81.Seretse , president of Botswana from 1966-80
  82. 82.See 6 Down
  83. 83.Cocktail of dry gin and vermouth served with a pickled pearl onion
  84. 84.Steffi , Australian Open singles tennis championship winner from 1988-90 and 1994
  85. 85.1988 film thriller starring Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan
  86. 86.2009 novel by Tracy Chevalier
  87. 87.Middle daughter of King Lear in the William Shakespeare play of that name
  88. 88.1993 novel by Danielle Steel
  89. 89.1982 film drama starring Jack Nicholson and Harvey Keitel
  90. 90.City in NE Romania; a former capital of the country
  91. 91.New Zealand forest parrot with a long curved beak
  92. 92.William , US composer of operas McTeague, A View from the Bridge and A Wedding
  93. 93.Marc , 1993-2004 Netherlands winger at Arsenal FC from 1997-2000
  94. 94.1961 comedy-musical film starring Elvis Presley and Joan Blackman
  95. 95.Plant with a milky sap and small flowers such as the wood or sun
  96. 96.Pacific island; capital Hagatna
  97. 97.Collective noun for a flock of geese in flight
  98. 98.1990 comedy-drama film starring Cher and Bob Hoskins
  99. 99.See 10 Across
  100. 100.Rod , tennis player; 1962 and 1969 calendar-year Grand Slam winner

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