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  1. 1.Dominant figures
  2. 2.Part of a reversal, maybe
  3. 3.Leave change on the table
  4. 4.Target of crunches
  5. 5.If ___ be so bold ...
  6. 6.Dashboard
  7. 7.Lance of the O.J. trial
  8. 8.Steel worker of sorts
  9. 9.Charlottes Web author White and namesakes
  10. 10.Confidential phrase
  11. 11.In___(actually)
  12. 12.Speedo bunch?
  13. 13.Word before Moines or Plaines
  14. 14.Capital home to a Viking Ship Museum
  15. 15.Hes a little froggy
  16. 16.Season division
  17. 17.Brit or kiddie follower
  18. 18.Org
  19. 19.Wind dir
  20. 20.Georgia airport code
  21. 21.Ripkens team
  22. 22.Auction grouping
  23. 23.Not-quite-ready-to-fold remark
  24. 24.Voicemail message opener, if you know someone well
  25. 25.Pt. of ESL
  26. 26.Forest floor growth
  27. 27.All pointy and line-y
  28. 28.Mass ___ (Boston thoroughfare, to locals)
  29. 29.Ultra-bright
  30. 30.Play cowritten by Mark Twain and Bret Harte
  31. 31.Entire range
  32. 32.Actor Ed in a famous Tonight Show tomahawk-throwing stunt
  33. 33.Like some refills
  34. 34.Took on, as a burden
  35. 35.Drink Mencken called The only American invention as perfect as the sonnet
  36. 36.Phone line invasion
  37. 37.Librarys attempt at copying milk ads?
  38. 38.Tayback who played Mel on Alice
  39. 39.Whatll break if I break up with you response, for a thuggish couple?
  40. 40.Deputy played by Michael Weston in the Dukes of Hazzard movie
  41. 41.Outdo in
  42. 42.Lang. that doesnt really contain that many words for snow
  43. 43.Sweet suffix
  44. 44.Classic Concentration puzzle type
  45. 45.County gatherings
  46. 46.Keep in check
  47. 47.Starts the golf game
  48. 48.Yell directed at a much-hated portal?
  49. 49.Composer Stravinsky
  50. 50.Illegal lighting
  51. 51.Shat this clue has
  52. 52.Witherspoon who played an angel in Little Nicky
  53. 53.Campus comedy with a cameo by George Clinton
  54. 54.Go quickly
  55. 55.Sarkisian, for Cher, once
  56. 56.Blurry area, maybe
  57. 57.One-named comedian and host of Celebrity Fit Club
  58. 58.Where letters are sent to the mil
  59. 59.Redundant-sounding cash dispenser
  60. 60.Gathering dust
  61. 61.Annoy your bedmate, in a way
  62. 62.Muscle that makes things stand upright
  63. 63.Vegetarians Duh! response to why they hate their formerly vegan pal?
  64. 64.Prepare the day before
  65. 65.Fanfare noise
  66. 66.Actress Jillian
  67. 67.Lincoln or Grant, e.g
  68. 68.Trumps ex
  69. 69.Early gay rights advocate André
  70. 70.Pigsty
  71. 71.___ of Me (1993 PJ Harvey album)
  72. 72.Like leftovers
  73. 73.Theyre stroked but not seen