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  1. 1.Thin on the ground with a foreign general
  2. 2.Come to terms with telecaster not taking care
  3. 3.Something from the hive served up in delicatessen or diner
  4. 4.British champion might do this on the radio and on television answering all the general knowledge questions
  5. 5.Short story and fables popular in the nursery
  6. 6.Abandoned tax covering means of selling beer
  7. 7.Sample of Grand Cru incomparable to Scotch
  8. 8.A deep understanding of nervous flight in US
  9. 9.Put out of meadows surround by grass
  10. 10.Language from Gents produced by low, lying foreign types?
  11. 11.Dramatist dismisses mad creative type in atelier
  12. 12.US tighten a negotiation with the most ill-mannered of individuals
  13. 13.Complex network broadcasting feed thats synonymous with Porridge
  14. 14.Undertakers asked out? Presumably, this is the reply!
  15. 15.Commissariat dismissing Maoist is a sign of bigotry
  16. 16.Taught by Oriental from old bank with English director
  17. 17.Cave in Ring?
  18. 18.Some populist unfortunately from Knock
  19. 19.Allowed to get around Mediterranean island
  20. 20.Short break for Henry Furlong and Hillary, say
  21. 21.A worshipper of cold, rougher ground around Switzerland
  22. 22.Puts back together, losing leader with objectives
  23. 23.Online film-maker gets work on bass in backward club
  24. 24.Foremost calories in butter? Every scientist knows that!
  25. 25.What the prodigal son might do in 8 across for Count - that man from 24 across?
  26. 26.Conscript gets silent treatment
  27. 27.Up-turn is never ending and on track for those paying for it
  28. 28.Comparative number found in Franks performances in the theatre