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  1. 1.Tailor and detective with leading fisherman in Mayo river
  2. 2.Gents satchel left in the cloakroom
  3. 3.Spring back for record on Greece State
  4. 4.Enthusiastic applause as zero tax is charged for self-starter
  5. 5.Read aloud grades awarded by university to those studying Das Kapital
  6. 6.Cast could be the inspiration for Love Story
  7. 7.Part of the family from a foreign line in Clare
  8. 8.One tenor in Belgian adaptation thats likely to catch fire
  9. 9.Local rascal from institute produced something fishy
  10. 10.Women from hotel drink at the end of the pier with Captain Ahab
  11. 11.Its therapeutic releasing a piece of honesty
  12. 12.Wasnt lying with this policy - didnt activate any alarms in 18 down
  13. 13.It is served up in Capri to cast, produced with love for the country
  14. 14.The make-up artists set them off presumably, as they recognise a good yarn when they hear it
  15. 15.Hard to believe suspect is loaded for the most part
  16. 16.Stop taking trees out of side streets
  17. 17.Fool showing off roses in The Examiner
  18. 18.Sounds like Philips orange juice and vodka drinks
  19. 19.Characters in Odessa edited Review of Theories
  20. 20.Pressure to find horse in Irish Free State thats self-righteously important
  21. 21.Page on flipping Web includes writing thats heady and produced for personal consumption
  22. 22.Motivated insider running around park
  23. 23.Working on the imaginative volume with unorthodox new wiring over time
  24. 24.Keep that under your hat or veil?
  25. 25.Who in France joins party at school? Those getting pushed back by the Teddy Boys!
  26. 26.Its beyond the bounds of possibilities unit lost sound
  27. 27.Upset some characters show ingratitude to Ireland and ran amok
  28. 28.In a timid way, medic takes ill briefly near a place in Dublin