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  1. 1.Petty officer on ship given hollow ultimatum regarding animal
  2. 2.Their presence is noted a couple of hours before midnight, at ball
  3. 3.Explain her effort to hide inside this
  4. 4.Specifies items one's holding as well as article by empty safe
  5. 5.Animate dandy, removing jacket while making jerky foot movements, being full of beans
  6. 6.The amount of thanks received when coffee grinder is charged
  7. 7.Person is upset because tiresome outsiders used this salutation
  8. 8.Make half of Istanbul notice style icon
  9. 9.Leaders should attend meeting on agriculture in island nation
  10. 10.Getting rid of silly mini tagline
  11. 11.Global organisation uses links to liberate them
  12. 12.Audibly wishes for commendation
  13. 13.Yanks twigs back every so often, to make neat-looking tree?
  14. 14.Next, one is shown list of meat and fish courses in Italian restaurant
  15. 15.It's very clear that simple task will not be limited to twenty-four hours
  16. 16.Ran around Sofia, all out of sorts to be participating in expedition
  17. 17.Bend cable
  18. 18.Withdraw from agreement during outcry, officially
  19. 19.So let cabs go around these barriers
  20. 20.Sidle out cunningly to get some alone time
  21. 21.Go wild and hold race before noon; it's fine
  22. 22.Visual presented in psychological test, appears to indicate clumsiness?
  23. 23.Concluded feature with description of end product
  24. 24.Lads take a quick swim on the 5th of August in the hills around Cheddar Gorge
  25. 25.What's behind imperial suppression of language?
  26. 26.Energetic dance curtailed conversation on three occasions
  27. 27.In Dubai, mean associate comes over and reveals deficiency
  28. 28.Neighbour recalled letter from Greece referring to Eurosceptic organisation