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  1. 1.Anonymous police department experiment will conclusively tell you everything you need to know
  2. 2.One of the spirits in 20 down troubled Sikh in Wyoming
  3. 3.Major promoter of Druid is after professional director whos a winner
  4. 4.Its used to damage the reputation of a person in the police force - the biker uses it as a defence
  5. 5.View of a small leaderless bunch of oil producers from half of Texas
  6. 6.Irish men taking car in ship for unprecedented events
  7. 7.Talk at length trivially, for the most part, to religious teacher
  8. 8.In Barcelona, so long as there is no malice in social media
  9. 9.Sounds like staff members in Belgium city attempted blockade of Rome, for instance
  10. 10.Good Lord!
  11. 11.Seasonal work for the pedlars in a manner of speaking
  12. 12.Endless American beer for The Lions is unexpected
  13. 13.Sailor finds drugs for addict
  14. 14.Barney Duff could be handy
  15. 15.Page from Norse novel opening with introduction from 18 across has yet to meet match
  16. 16.Nicest hybrid or Beetle
  17. 17.Look out for wild roses from areas with too many ugly weeds
  18. 18.Whats highly classified? God knows!
  19. 19.Is alone coming out of the chipper
  20. 20.Theyre synonymous with Blade Runner, as they can give those on the edge the slip
  21. 21.Infamous type is onto our mistake
  22. 22.Stall at Writers Centre in Irish festival makes money
  23. 23.Got a job at a club thats popular and on arrival did this for receptionist
  24. 24.Sends back to the house for the Spanish involved in secret arrangement
  25. 25.Favours sweetheart from the harem presumably
  26. 26.Scare a crazy emperor
  27. 27.Curry took off around track that needs no introduction with kid
  28. 28.Put off by all the letters not open