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  1. 1.Limits distress call to one of those in 13 down
  2. 2.Where to find Basil in awful danger, taking time reportedly from the start
  3. 3.Heavenly type at foundation gets there first to assembly line
  4. 4.The big stars in America, similar to 4 down
  5. 5.Give guns to the gangs for honouring the dead
  6. 6.Some churchgoing types of graduates admit pressure is initially terrible to get best possible result at university
  7. 7.Despot is ruined by what the financial institution is holding
  8. 8.Rings Samaritans for Rosa from Indian restaurant
  9. 9.Couple of pirates set off
  10. 10.Prussian with no airs created The Web?
  11. 11.Assumes its true as Trim old man takes a seat
  12. 12.Opens 22 across in Government for No 10 - for the most part, its for the cross-border trips perhaps
  13. 13.2 down gets award from College for diligence in providing accommodation for the travellers
  14. 14.Occupied by a thought
  15. 15.List of options for the consumers of 8 and 12 across, for instance
  16. 16.Holiday reps or pilots after 2 down
  17. 17.Took a course with writer after 2 down
  18. 18.Hay from Himalayas or sausage from the deli?
  19. 19.Still, its a party for mums mum at the Central Hotel
  20. 20.Firm ground is fairly level and, being porous, is incapable of holding water
  21. 21.Shades those seeing things for protection
  22. 22.Curator has no car for the sightseeing
  23. 23.Red-tailed black sharks sound almost vicious!
  24. 24.Concerns of writers from border seduced by setback?
  25. 25.Oriental former partner sent back to criminal court - presumably, its The Job he got from Will?
  26. 26.A noble sort having an influence on The Speaker is a lightweight involved in The Rising
  27. 27.On holiday, puts cards in the mail box from remote parts of the country
  28. 28.Look out for follower of Punjabi guru speaking