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  1. 1.Sound unit makes request for contact
  2. 2.Single piece of bedroom furniture you may regret having
  3. 3.Own sofa that's broken at present
  4. 4.He often assisted insane scientist dig for missing heads
  5. 5.Acknowledgement of how Bond became good in France
  6. 6.Only half grand? That's the old you!
  7. 7.Female pitcher gets not as many
  8. 8.It allows you to do something to fix unruly hair
  9. 9.Sleeping accommodation of pub restored in pieces
  10. 10.Resolve to come good and exercise
  11. 11.Can nude dancing be subtle?
  12. 12.Expand bog with a dry filler
  13. 13.Double it up with an Italian master
  14. 14.Rationalise holding another Scottish island
  15. 15.Cliff face showing evidence of old damage
  16. 16.It doesn't matter how you present such bread
  17. 17.I'd help reconstruction of this Greek city
  18. 18.Straight flush? Smooth!
  19. 19.Quite similar couple vegans will happily take in
  20. 20.It will draw on oxygen to ignite an engine
  21. 21.Entertain mature prisoner providing security
  22. 22.Airport activity created by minor crash on network
  23. 23.Cheerful after small drink
  24. 24.Reject some of these grubby desires?
  25. 25.Aunt's theory is occasionally thorough
  26. 26.Joiner perhaps earned on a regular basis
  27. 27.Putting together popular musical lacking orchestral opening
  28. 28.Removed part of chapter as editor
  29. 29.Vertical height of yard?
  30. 30.Workplace boss with heart of lion
  31. 31.Short light piece of jewellery
  32. 32.Negative aspect of balanced Chinese philosophy
  33. 33.Slick piece of cake with great topping
  34. 34.Criminal spotted, then led away
  35. 35.Gosh! Learner recruited for major whisky producer
  36. 36.Simple indicator of a healthy dog they say
  37. 37.A piece of equipment not applicable for this Irish mine
  38. 38.Cut out such fuss - it's just a storm!