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  1. 1.Thug from Hollywood, possibly, in body of water
  2. 2.Thanks to top amateur cook in Fiji, there's no end of delicious food
  3. 3.Thrill seeker might do this though it involves a risk of getting wet
  4. 4.Goes for a swim tentatively to start rehab
  5. 5.Being fit and well-built, performs extraordinarily lithe act
  6. 6.Black cat comes back in a change of direction?
  7. 7.In February has milky coffee in awfully shabby, possibly infested place?
  8. 8.Convolutes things putting citrus peel on top of spritzer
  9. 9.Linger too long at party, abandoning assistant and getting drunk on Soave
  10. 10.Around Snowdonia, eccentric vet makes little ripples
  11. 11.Some people promise to get their clothes
  12. 12.Reportedly in June or July, maybe, the sailor announced he'd fallen head over heels
  13. 13.Made fuss about every second repeat and got all steamed up
  14. 14.Western leaders trade in art in order to stay afloat
  15. 15.Told to take a look at facade beside the water
  16. 16.Viennese person took turn on the continent
  17. 17.Get in over one's head, bringing up piece of evidence
  18. 18.Uplifting characters in bedside tale made them happy
  19. 19.Assume alternate top's wet and needs changing having gone in the water
  20. 20.Possibly five hundred needed to make a castle?
  21. 21.Little container of unpleasant salad abruptly discarded
  22. 22.Saboteur opens secret letters here
  23. 23.Nothing will incline the German to plant this poisonous, though pretty shrub
  24. 24.We miss commuting in, poorly made, tight fitting garment
  25. 25.On the inside my sheepskin boot feels hot and sticky
  26. 26.Gannet half-removed scrapings from rustly packet
  27. 27.Shave it using stroke that keeps hand below shoulder level
  28. 28.One of a pair to exhibit shortly, perhaps in the middle of September