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  1. 1.Dislikes abandoning kids in Capri, for example
  2. 2.Sheds a tear dropping off leader on English boat with hound
  3. 3.Burdensome without more from lounger
  4. 4.Score with gangsters in Chicago and Oklahoma
  5. 5.Pot roasts lacks a port to mix around, in the culinary sense
  6. 6.Names building in Capital
  7. 7.Wild tarragon is put down heartlessly in a self-important way
  8. 8.Imperial crown has no power to outlaw?
  9. 9.Tour leaders welcoming Dubliners, for example, producing volumes of information
  10. 10.For those taking an interest, theyre holding The Euros - bailing out some leading sides?
  11. 11.The Stones great composer
  12. 12.First institute in Persia designed by those with lots of hives
  13. 13.State ground is not used in cottage industry in New York
  14. 14.Downsides to both sides produced by Colman Hawkins
  15. 15.Smart Alec misses alert of fraud
  16. 16.Dig up complete flower sample for garden party
  17. 17.Scurrilous lost soul with the mares tails in The Cloud
  18. 18.A dark evening suit designed for dancers
  19. 19.Reviews pretentious brief broadcast from one little plant
  20. 20.Old pal is master of giving out jobs for the boys
  21. 21.Its seen as a challenge to drop great relative close to accommodation
  22. 22.Turns up, 21st party is for bighead making wine in Spain
  23. 23.Foreign politician is about to go to womens party in type of school - follow?
  24. 24.The type of material for adolescent fighting off cold
  25. 25.Fixed broken digger
  26. 26.Submissive nature of nemeses working over the weekend
  27. 27.Dries veg out and separates
  28. 28.Spy on party for Government Ombudsman