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  1. 1.Place covering wild green summit in national park
  2. 2.One of those behind bar cites trouble over community hospital
  3. 3.Joker influencing Agamemnons Clytemnestra leads revolution in four stages - it does the heart good presumably
  4. 4.What youd expect Polly to put on to restrict those in March
  5. 5.Former chief designed old Rover
  6. 6.This is likely to be the case for a lawyer in study
  7. 7.Does all the dirty work for boxers soul mate
  8. 8.Stay under the covers finishing popular fiction
  9. 9.Crafty types free tsarinas
  10. 10.Sin out of lustiness in free-for-all
  11. 11.Caption missing from action-replay in film
  12. 12.Shed tears over that Lady in Red?
  13. 13.A drug smuggler getting time for something a lucky jewel thief took?
  14. 14.Sailor in Visitor Centre of Andorra is a ladys man from Madrid
  15. 15.Party note resistance of one of the workers
  16. 16.Old attendant around queen and sovereign in type of fur
  17. 17.Writing to doctors, healers around America with time to practice in the theatre
  18. 18.Holy Father doesnt get half the speculation
  19. 19.Train set removed from tea chest?
  20. 20.Dont lose charge from cell in lock-up
  21. 21.Switches a precious stone for ring - the last in a series
  22. 22.Demonstration doesnt include dinners with fruit
  23. 23.Spoke in South America for the Spanish community
  24. 24.Caught in fancy tartans in Carry on Business
  25. 25.Shot from mothers boy in the early stages of life
  26. 26.A field worker is high on this and 18 across for starters? Sort out in hospital!
  27. 27.Salad, olios, nuts - presumably, those with problems of their own produced these
  28. 28.27 across and 19 down consumed by salsa?