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  1. 1.Parent in Kildare town shows a distinct lack of concern
  2. 2.Department may defend top financier but it's not appropriate
  3. 3.Optimistic reasoning that, perhaps, informed naming of 1 down?
  4. 4.Mocks half-hearted contestant who arrives there at last
  5. 5.Weapons found in planes rarely given back
  6. 6.Kind of sweet when revered Roman warrior let His Majesty inside
  7. 7.While talking, jot down a name for cooling sauce
  8. 8.Glad coffins unsettling them will be removed from outside the building eventually
  9. 9.Sourced grain to use now and then which is popular in Italian cuisine
  10. 10.It's been covered during term - ask educator
  11. 11.Steals scenes?
  12. 12.Act with greater moderation and appease offended constituents
  13. 13.See to it man can get around in small dwelling
  14. 14.Should edgy antiquarian allow shiniest orb to be lifted from this country?
  15. 15.Supports, for example, replacing inner lifts
  16. 16.Gutsy dauphin drilled for difficult battle, maybe?
  17. 17.Sort of aim it into replica
  18. 18.Sail hung badly will lose strength and droop, perhaps
  19. 19.Retro plait Rapunzel wore captivated them, though they're biased
  20. 20.Is it so awful to bring up those idle lies he regularly used?
  21. 21.Reportedly lamenting that ailment is not time-limited, contrary to expectation!
  22. 22.By the second month, it might annoy them, making them get hot and bothered
  23. 23.Told to complete purchase in the Middle East
  24. 24.Heavily criticise intoxicated people showing no resistance when served such excellent shots
  25. 25.Ready to cry when head teacher gave them a stern talking to
  26. 26.Friend supplies American angler's bait
  27. 27.Prior to picture being filmed, Hanks goes back over what will be charged
  28. 28.It's easy to see young person detests rightwing melodrama