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  1. 1.Speak off the cuff with tips for disguising loans in The Bank
  2. 2.Authoritarian unit involved in unstable Atlanta riot
  3. 3.Small piece of meat with one of the chips
  4. 4.Accountant heads for Uruguay, Columbia and America from political meeting
  5. 5.Sample of brownie certified by family member
  6. 6.A crafty type cut off from island off Galway
  7. 7.Press one criminal to answer
  8. 8.One of those doing the numbers for consigliere dismissing e coli
  9. 9.Man in the street polite to leaders? Im afraid not!
  10. 10.Was afraid bloodsucker lost out to cardinal?
  11. 11.Hired bar from bartender
  12. 12.They get pressed going into The Houses to upset cross types employed in hotel receptions
  13. 13.Foremost hybrid roses developed by those in Derby
  14. 14.The beastly one in Hamlet?
  15. 15.Caesar, for one, got served up a type of Italian wrap
  16. 16.Space on Hill 16 for substitute looking after 7 down
  17. 17.Arabian coach is responsible for getting the best out of 7 down
  18. 18.Set up Sidney with Daisys relative Calamity
  19. 19.A parody of burlesque?
  20. 20.Relative welcomes finish by forward
  21. 21.One of those in Rialto aint even working
  22. 22.Mass producers in awful crush around revolutionary
  23. 23.Whats the subject of groan from hatemonger?
  24. 24.Is this the position prince takes when disowned by royal family for being improper?
  25. 25.Under pressure to reorder dresses over time
  26. 26.Handy way of replying that allows some people to be heard?
  27. 27.The latest trend - brief romantic date with fianc?e
  28. 28.Father is from Spain? Correct!