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  1. 1.Explains tantrum could break out at any moment
  2. 2.Goes straight over, embracing it with juvenile ebullience
  3. 3.Raise nothing, perhaps, inside tavern back there
  4. 4.Turns page over to find something missing?
  5. 5.Moralising writer created many 9 down?
  6. 6.At the end of June, elegant bird, sadly, becomes less visible
  7. 7.Alternate strand a little
  8. 8.Play outside and improvise some jazz with bass at centre in evening dress?
  9. 9.Pursued rebel leader, leaving them terribly depleted
  10. 10.Parent gives soporific performance every night
  11. 11.Hand makeshift sign in the middle to peaceful protester
  12. 12.Disorientates departing residents, just a bit
  13. 13.It will change colour should it expire, they say
  14. 14.Might doubt one foolish offer to pay more
  15. 15.Mistype and delete half of them being drunk
  16. 16.Old French impressionist curtailed retrospective
  17. 17.Stir things up reportedly with sixth sense?
  18. 18.Rich wiped out messy rabbit hutch, using 3 down there
  19. 19.Doubtful stepmother rejected sort of fermented soybeans
  20. 20.Carelessly opt to leave Puerto Rico carrying packages, maybe
  21. 21.Thinks dog is oddly good, for a change, and affectionate at the end of the day
  22. 22.Deliberately vague first lady turned over travel document in there
  23. 23.Told to forcibly seize everything else
  24. 24.Unapologetically overlooked raised threads on fabric surface
  25. 25.Burden American lawyer with old brief in recess?
  26. 26.Concentrate on trimming end from confused composition
  27. 27.Something small and round might dash after it outside house?
  28. 28.Mistreated boy unsettled by fairytale, perhaps
  29. 29.Ran off with sparkling wine, perhaps towing it away
  30. 30.Being too warm, chief gets angry quickly
  31. 31.Recalled accountant and team leader being charged for this deed
  32. 32.Makes a bed up in here to spoil one?
  33. 33.Be a dear and find a little drop
  34. 34.Loud, crazy game
  35. 35.Initially play an old song, turning it up for cleaner
  36. 36.Lady singer opens games in Irish sports governing body
  37. 37.Shortly come to the point over e-business
  38. 38.Demented host begs leader, pathetically, to dispatch the first mob to sleeping quarters