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  1. 1.Satisfactory penalty
  2. 2.Opening with a rather passé collection
  3. 3.Reportedly called to indicate they can't hear power unit
  4. 4.Heard from 15 across who golfs regularly
  5. 5.Might prevent things from getting too heated in local prison
  6. 6.Recalled internecine violence overwhelming city
  7. 7.Amendment showing extremely rare foresight
  8. 8.Log entered river having been disturbed by dog
  9. 9.Bread that is wholesome though description seems otherwise!
  10. 10.Opens event initially, but eventually governor introduces next speaker
  11. 11.Perhaps some traders see that they're going to make target
  12. 12.Parent briefly encountered entitled woman
  13. 13.Postgraduate supports work being hung up at university though it may cause great shock
  14. 14.Regarding Turner, perhaps, creating something we need to see
  15. 15.Names rap that's kind of cheesy, perhaps
  16. 16.Some time spent turning up a number of these before they played ace delightedly
  17. 17.Issues concerning contracts
  18. 18.The tapestry in there is a nuisance
  19. 19.Negative attitude adopted when vintner rejected produce?
  20. 20.A burden is exactly what this is not
  21. 21.Perhaps old man who played Dracula will admit mislaying this list of terms
  22. 22.Bystander noticed every second gown would appear to have been presented to edgy entertainer
  23. 23.Experienced chef prepared cookware
  24. 24.Decries nit being so unrestrained!
  25. 25.Assorted murals in Pisa depict these animals
  26. 26.After vacation, Australian gets point of poem and, in short, sees it describes many 11 across
  27. 27.Aggressively lecture employees in Saharan guesthouse
  28. 28.Edge crumbles away from map as they scorch it