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  1. 1.Assistant, being upset, chimed in and asked for support
  2. 2.Empty mosquito repellent aerosol could be lethal
  3. 3.Doctor pursued by head of Italian banking family
  4. 4.It has steep sides and is found in Tuscany only
  5. 5.Claim media technology provides content without delay
  6. 6.Essentially claim mushrooms given to middlemen over there were exceptional
  7. 7.To put it another way, caution calls for careful forecasts
  8. 8.Regularly found a very short time afterwards, as a rule
  9. 9.Retain it if review shows it to be compatible
  10. 10.Feels a strong desire to travel from Malin to Mizen, perhaps, after a while
  11. 11.To get an unbroken view, first couple row back through the centre of place with convenient canal
  12. 12.Defect found after using imperial measurement - they've crossed a line making this error
  13. 13.Deploy it thoroughly in a manner that is beneficial
  14. 14.Refers to woman putting embellishment around edges while making bed cover
  15. 15.Dance performed while playing instrument on Tube
  16. 16.Awful freeloading oaf should go, having stayed for too long
  17. 17.Nothing followed piece for violin and cello because of this
  18. 18.Oddly showy Asian uncle makes condiment
  19. 19.She's often said to be in distress but it would be insane to turn around and sell short
  20. 20.Conscious of disheartened advocate having internal conflict
  21. 21.Also trim pieces composed by person aiming to regulate others' behaviour
  22. 22.Hapless pope, in poorly-designed trousers, looks ridiculous
  23. 23.On top of the world, seeing ring below, putting a bit of it at the top and getting teacher's approval, in short
  24. 24.Local drunk finished wall
  25. 25.On the table in a heap where Beth left it in garage, possibly?
  26. 26.Heard cover artist might produce album using samples
  27. 27.Accepted model Los Angeles merchant provided initially but it was not designed to be put on a table
  28. 28.Overhear seance discovering this vehicle would be the last they'd travel in