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  1. 1.Its about old currency notes
  2. 2.Throw ones hat in the ring with rebel teen and Scarlett on the radio
  3. 3.Anticipate former boxer grabbing head of champ
  4. 4.Harry Judge is measuring fluidity in a forceful way
  5. 5.The facts and figures - a tad revolting
  6. 6.Get on board, as theres no end to the refunds
  7. 7.Spike gets to twist someones arm from the start in a sensitive spot
  8. 8.Drunk giant swallows large cocktail or thats what theyre saying
  9. 9.Runner goes on ahead in the local sense
  10. 10.Couldnt get rid of cold in Brazil
  11. 11.Revolution record includes acoustic intro
  12. 12.Concealed indentures doesnt include DIRT
  13. 13.Pain of one of those giants from Bunyans The Pilgrims Progress
  14. 14.Chance is quick to lose the head
  15. 15.Writer from Clare and more than one of those in 16 down
  16. 16.Old city in Belgium with gold agency
  17. 17.Upsets soldier consumed by whats passed on by ancestors - the forbearing kind
  18. 18.Banks sales drive to put aside money
  19. 19.Money-spinner doesnt include Merinos - thats just loose change?
  20. 20.To force, in the physical sense, wild roses causes problems for a number of the ramblers
  21. 21.Awaiting decision with no introduction or conclusion
  22. 22.Ignorant of a foreign article about a general assembly?
  23. 23.Theres no cream in Latin America for the Neapolitan
  24. 24.Get real about endless travel - its a job for a man-with-a-van
  25. 25.Take heroin away from neighbour with infection
  26. 26.Fragment of chinos largely turned up to boot
  27. 27.Small group in organisation flips over odd clues
  28. 28.Dont give up in gym initially restricted by band aid
  29. 29.Revolutionary spotted around yard giving directions
  30. 30.Convey to Bellow concealing note on writing
  31. 31.Pieces concealed by farm subsidies
  32. 32.Coach from another era in Australia to open grounds
  33. 33.Operatives lose vote for tribute
  34. 34.Carriers of BSE travelling around America
  35. 35.Vocal type of bard from Labrador
  36. 36.More revolting, gratuitous, extreme fiction found in Iraqi city, in the past
  37. 37.Unclear play relates to a type of energetic family?
  38. 38.Badger from cluster produced by Animal Rights activists, for one