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  1. 1.University in dodgy area is offering a multitude of places all the way to China
  2. 2.Ben from Neighbours is the mischievous type
  3. 3.Leader of school committee taken in by murderer, the one that wasnt able reportedly
  4. 4.The endless trouble with new cast
  5. 5.Its served up in Trattoria or is that an exaggeration initially?
  6. 6.Soldier admits not being in good shape taking ecstasy working for a sporty type where theres a catch
  7. 7.Introduces a suitable girl in scarlet to The City, in Britain
  8. 8.Reveal a policy covering up review by one of The Stones
  9. 9.Hawaiian parties in light rail system going around university
  10. 10.Raising dust on request or is that a generalisation?
  11. 11.First mate cutting Trims goats cheese
  12. 12.One doing work out of the blue?
  13. 13.Depressed over broadcast from European island - the first one picked up by one of The Archers
  14. 14.Neo-liberal ace
  15. 15.What you might do if you havent got Hoover directors to win everything
  16. 16.Clean up wet sheep neglected by 18 down
  17. 17.Manhattan upper east sides starters on half the menu for breakfast
  18. 18.Used a shovel to find unpleasant smell beginning to go off produced by sea cow
  19. 19.Brave reading and writing in Iowa travelling by river
  20. 20.Legate travelling with young high-flyer
  21. 21.Turns up, a measure of fat content is found around heads of blackbirds, eiders and swallows
  22. 22.A white alkaline compound concealed by the military turning up
  23. 23.Its sprinkled over pizza in Genoa or all over the place
  24. 24.Stun 50 in The Upper House retiring
  25. 25.Its central to whats covered up by brand imagery going all the way back
  26. 26.Running low on tips in administrative district for aggressive regional leader
  27. 27.Hold off getting a shirt thats no longer fashionable
  28. 28.Remove head from canna and head from tulip to use in food colouring
  29. 29.Get Naomi to leave mediation or change ones story?
  30. 30.Part of Malaga invokes another time
  31. 31.Dirge from Gore Vidal in a roundish way relates to presidential office
  32. 32.Not best pleased upsetting lover
  33. 33.Couldnt get rid of cold in Brazil
  34. 34.Whats the point in saying you got me there clever clogs!
  35. 35.Music producer consumed by video box set backtrack
  36. 36.What the last defender might do on all sides today
  37. 37.Breaking down profit in ship producing comprehensively more
  38. 38.Living life in the fast lane at the opening and closing of bar