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  1. 1.Rapid rise of Zoom?
  2. 2.A verbose leader from The Chronicle needs no introduction, as it's for the birds
  3. 3.Oh, sounds like it's in the tent
  4. 4.Narrow escapes in the neighbourhood from unmarried women
  5. 5.Lad getting out of Daimler is a Muslim ruler
  6. 6.Unsympathetic to one new patient
  7. 7.Filled to capacity with support for defensive type
  8. 8.The rugby occasion opens for consumers covering both legs
  9. 9.Ditches those employed by a major employer when there is trouble
  10. 10.Stuff in jam?
  11. 11.Catches sight of banks of Eccles cakes in the bakery's window
  12. 12.Sick to one's stomach with common sense about odd abuser taking drugs ultimately
  13. 13.Buck Washington is similar to 10 across, for one
  14. 14.Reviews short broadcast by two accountants and one of the Wattles from Australia
  15. 15.All turn up for students' group march to Institute of Technology - it's rather sweet
  16. 16.Old Penny is uncertain about one religious sect in deep trouble
  17. 17.Not the first to seek office for every second angel from Russia on quiet
  18. 18.Make adjustments in time in firm?
  19. 19.Young boxer at a stage where flighty one is not fully formed
  20. 20.Idleness of young lass over a fair amount of the magazine
  21. 21.Thug taking set from theologians
  22. 22.Fiddle elite group - the one playing to the audience
  23. 23.Tests the water and current for midshipman in boat
  24. 24.Chill someone's blood briefly in pit?
  25. 25.Sour exchange between Belgium and France's stock market
  26. 26.Burn a little - both sides with chilli vinegar
  27. 27.Rogue from island produced dish with fish
  28. 28.Broadcast on bootlegging produced by those in Sky