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  1. 1.Mark produces cocktail without cola
  2. 2.A drive in Clare for a small group
  3. 3.Teacher sends back German dish in Italian restaurant
  4. 4.Like some Customs people losing European area at port
  5. 5.Sounds like wages for a stuntman and writer verified again
  6. 6.Its earned camouflaging curry favour
  7. 7.Second-rate celebrity has a problem walking the Camino de Santiago, for instance
  8. 8.Foster and Turner embarrassed over unpainted summit
  9. 9.Sad lament from The Cape
  10. 10.Drug produced by women on a night out all across the country
  11. 11.Rosemary is cut off from butcher
  12. 12.Came across roses from Somerset
  13. 13.Presumably, you bought this window-shopping? Something to take away the draft!
  14. 14.Buck consumed by George Orwell going all the way back
  15. 15.Whistler from whistle-stop tour chooses to withdraw
  16. 16.Passing mention about Republican course taken by Little Rocket Man perhaps
  17. 17.Block tubers, cutting rockets - the type that will eventually grow in the garden
  18. 18.Typical of all sides today witnessed in court
  19. 19.Most of the dispute with cast
  20. 20.A way to portray review as a type thats not an insiders view
  21. 21.The asking price for the borders command post
  22. 22.Manufactured tops, informal nightgowns and thats integral
  23. 23.Suspension of three students around university
  24. 24.Its one of the usual standards around Limerick - I read that online
  25. 25.Some popular saboteur turns up in Iraqi port
  26. 26.Friend from Rome lost in the city on the island
  27. 27.Scoundrel turns up in Panda Car
  28. 28.Elder statesman dismisses damsels petition
  29. 29.Russian removes sari - it can be too warm at times
  30. 30.Church diocese backing ecumenicalism from the start in Gloucester
  31. 31.Puts on record - Lodge, from a legal perspective, is close to dangerous
  32. 32.Buses for coaches with connecting flights
  33. 33.Pay for unfinished bespoke barge - the bane of ones life
  34. 34.Bobbys route to Knock
  35. 35.Understudy from a Dingle play aiming to play a deceptive part in The Sting
  36. 36.Nearly all those in 14 down served at the bar
  37. 37.Almost remedy the sound of snoring with champagne
  38. 38.Tips for engineering massive new pier in The Kingdom