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  1. 1.Shiny anklet captivates jerk
  2. 2.It's spiteful to go after school head for being absent-minded
  3. 3.Canine to select little stick
  4. 4.Hapless pal abandons application to become lens supplier, maybe
  5. 5.Applaud before trio play last two pieces and give farewell
  6. 6.Demote diver essentially, in a way that arouses strong feeling
  7. 7.Unfocused shot I'm getting fixed was filmed in Salzburg
  8. 8.Anger expressed as they touch down in this place
  9. 9.Media publicity eases now and then
  10. 10.Could get the cold shoulder with this type of garment - retro pieces fetch a smaller amount
  11. 11.Sort of delight in making abrupt turn, unsettling Sikh?
  12. 12.Discontented beau takes back what's left at the end?
  13. 13.Unsmiling member at the centre in a painful environment
  14. 14.Regarding what one made for fun
  15. 15.Has last guest given greeting to Roman outside inn?
  16. 16.Rebuke those who kept it secret in Anglican church
  17. 17.Film what birds might be doin' when the weather's bad
  18. 18.Clean net naturalist flipped over has caught only part of the insect
  19. 19.Type of investment fund provided for detective
  20. 20.While it's stormy, becomes violently emotional
  21. 21.Takes in St Patrick's Day parade
  22. 22.Get burnt, perhaps, noticing snag with article by star
  23. 23.Prize given to steer, for a change
  24. 24.Next to wardrobes; ideally inside
  25. 25.Short man with business qualification is quite venomous
  26. 26.Beg them to order cheese board initially
  27. 27.Cake brought to English city and given to person in hospital, maybe
  28. 28.Gasbag has tattooist secretly horrified