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  1. 1.Impediment for deer managed by church
  2. 2.The result of examination by detectives surrounding Saigon building
  3. 3.Hacks producing leader columns and a fair amount of those in 1 down
  4. 4.School friend from Ireland with Black Beetle
  5. 5.Crafty type raises some children illuminatingly
  6. 6.Play emotional games with foreign spy caught with heroin at the end of 4 across
  7. 7.Clip of kid going to hospital for operations? She expects to get hot drinks in such places!
  8. 8.Nutty sort of poor old man
  9. 9.Miss Holiday is no longer in fashion
  10. 10.Leader of Nigeria, Australia, Russia and Pacific Nation?
  11. 11.Victor and Eve going to South Africa switching orders
  12. 12.Its a moveable feast for Daisys relative following Oriental paper for 24 hours
  13. 13.US State address at old, old city institute
  14. 14.In the past, examination by the press leads to reform? Yes, by mediator!
  15. 15.Turns up Virgil used it endlessly to sign out of total necessity
  16. 16.Herb thats trimmed along with a minimum of wasabi in pig meat produced by those in the news
  17. 17.The forcefulness of contemporary influencers in Dock Speech by Harry
  18. 18.Criminal record associated with gangster employed in the jewellery business
  19. 19.Ramble on foot covering Dublin to Donegal
  20. 20.Counts last to collapse
  21. 21.Permit for lake with yellowfin on both banks in city borough
  22. 22.Agitation to deprive state of leader is part of the process brewing in The Beer Cellar
  23. 23.Nothing to drink or open in a European city
  24. 24.Local out to lunch with one sandwich - thats a bit short for a picnic!
  25. 25.Knocks back endless champagne on public transport provided its outside the city
  26. 26.Useless record about Utah
  27. 27.Introduces Ozzy Osbournes discography after five from the start of Oklahoma and Love by The Cult
  28. 28.Ulster bus lane potentially is not fit for purpose