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  1. 1.Its awkward for popular novice that is taken in by religious institution
  2. 2.Imagine engineer holding up the Liffey Swim, for instance
  3. 3.Unruly in Lounge and Takeaway
  4. 4.Five paramilitaries depart from Spitfire
  5. 5.Submarine rises to the top of the sea and heads for shelters at various stages
  6. 6.Dopey is one gnome leaving in good time
  7. 7.Some manufacturer undermining stage again
  8. 8.Cutting to pieces without large saw
  9. 9.She gets shot presumably working as a journalist
  10. 10.Collected money crossing a railway yard for the old volunteers
  11. 11.Resign from the stage in Northern Ireland
  12. 12.Characters in revolutionary council erased from historical piece
  13. 13.No romance in South American break
  14. 14.New issues to improve workers shirt with top-stitching
  15. 15.Is alone coming out of the chipper
  16. 16.Yank is not the first working in court as an advisor to the corporation
  17. 17.Foreign politician welcomes support for swingers returning from popular summits getting used to congregating
  18. 18.Top bioterrorist finds criminal dealer around great European capital
  19. 19.End of autumn in The Mediterranean on weekend - park and explore what a critic gets to see first!
  20. 20.Stopping work for revolting ritual in Ring
  21. 21.Do they really hear if anyones there or are they hearing things?
  22. 22.Snack for heartless sorcerer on the other side of beach blanket
  23. 23.Cups from subtropics in nice restaurant
  24. 24.Send to Coventry from wild region
  25. 25.Clip of twist in annual adaptation thats peculiar
  26. 26.One of The Doors besieging lead singer to get a life?
  27. 27.Blind panic on first tee leads to inaccuracy
  28. 28.Newscaster loses case and is all over the place