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  1. 1.Floors boring type and calls cops after opening computer virus
  2. 2.Relax - its embraced by the Welfare State
  3. 3.Endless wine on weekend for college dance with the option of a meaty dinner
  4. 4.Promise of endless sport on screen
  5. 5.Content in newspapers potentially is a blemish on ones character
  6. 6.Pool party backfires for older party with ecstasy
  7. 7.A man synonymous with the birds from Merchants Market
  8. 8.Perhaps not a patch on, say, steak stuffing mix? Rank alongside tail end of chateaubriand!
  9. 9.Part of the exercise is to pay attention
  10. 10.Mid-January in Milan training past pupils
  11. 11.Writing to greet criminal out of guilt
  12. 12.Makes a scene with Alliances missing leader
  13. 13.They cause offence opening 6 down having a quarrel
  14. 14.Give a wide berth to what borders on mid-summer madness
  15. 15.Strikingly unconventional engineering associated with toxic mixture
  16. 16.Firm at times wins a complicated job directing a crew overseas
  17. 17.Publicity for show guaranteed
  18. 18.Detectives unlikely to inform criminals, for instance, or dissident
  19. 19.Pop around to open drink from Syrian city
  20. 20.Basic Sky package found in most hospitals?
  21. 21.Pledge to keep promise to half of those in 22 across to broadcast Gutenbergs First Book
  22. 22.A lines a bit out in Cant Get No Satisfaction
  23. 23.Pay attention to Leninist dropping in
  24. 24.Most of the report to address one negative response from islander
  25. 25.Melodist sold out release
  26. 26.Upsets elitist to broadcast clip from one little plant
  27. 27.Local fools in Home Guards missing? Oh dear!
  28. 28.The studs line managers perhaps?