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  1. 1.Assembling an apricot pie elicits thanks
  2. 2.Astronomer noted focal point has odd bulge
  3. 3.Sibling is fine at empty library with bridge player in New York
  4. 4.Woman's employing vacuous meme referring to famous Olympian
  5. 5.It would be an easy thing for disaffected outsiders to interrupt benefit
  6. 6.Ah, polo players are making a terrible fuss
  7. 7.Isn't bound to have this type of tea
  8. 8.Hid fears stirred up during political meeting
  9. 9.A strike leads to speculation that they'll only be successful very briefly
  10. 10.Model suggests German author looks a bit horse-like, in short
  11. 11.Removing lid of box, aide finds chemical compound
  12. 12.With hindsight, regret suddenly grabbing rag
  13. 13.Head servant's assistant returns greeting in French while getting kitchen utensils
  14. 14.Stew given to Castro, occasionally causes difficulty
  15. 15.After he'd settled and become a parent
  16. 16.Is clingy material worn by Darcy legitimate, on reflection?
  17. 17.Horribly uncharitable when CERN members leave, as usual
  18. 18.Persistent rain in Galway limits exercise
  19. 19.Officer flanked by two middlemen in Parisian establishment, maybe?
  20. 20.Describes in detail, how second fellow got ten quid
  21. 21.Cheerful conductor's gesture?
  22. 22.Publicity individual received makes them susceptible
  23. 23.Gladden dumbstruck participants with supplementary piece
  24. 24.It's my caramel mixture - it seems kind of uneven
  25. 25.Check what's cooking, perhaps, and reveal unwelcome information?
  26. 26.Acquire squalid venue to fail intentionally?
  27. 27.Opens really old ledger left in nook to see how large sums might arrive
  28. 28.Fabric gloomy urchin used at centre to make something to wear