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  1. 1.Invent a top missing from videotapes
  2. 2.Southern Kerry report found in The Cloud
  3. 3.Countless millions to back milk producer
  4. 4.School report found over the wall
  5. 5.Broadcasts to lots of children
  6. 6.Pointer to a royal line
  7. 7.Blow the whistle on someone locally in hospital working in theatre
  8. 8.Outline of first dictionary by English writer
  9. 9.One of The Greens in Dublin on course
  10. 10.Maybe get lost in storage facility
  11. 11.Wait around The Point to change direction suddenly
  12. 12.Log in leaving invigilator the unimportant facts
  13. 13.Upsets English Fellow and most of the rest at university with online identity
  14. 14.Keeping an eye on the eagles and albatrosses for peer following high-flyer hot at golf
  15. 15.Transports toys by Beetle and is employed in hard labour? Presumably that comes as a blow!
  16. 16.Desert shady type losing the head in The Magic Bar
  17. 17.Sets up secret organisation
  18. 18.Church leaders greet rare review thats a fair bit touchy
  19. 19.Private space for major employer
  20. 20.Bolt for safety mechanism on guns when at boiling point?
  21. 21.Poach starter of scallops and duck
  22. 22.7 down from The Hunter has left home and wants to live in Ireland, for example
  23. 23.Orchestrate New Order back catalogue
  24. 24.Men-only party in The Palace perhaps is the icing on the cake for one of those in The Park
  25. 25.Majestic city in Syria overlooking Euphrates, primarily built for the aristocracy to live in
  26. 26.Victory in last race for stable? Grounds for producing bottles of champagne!
  27. 27.Locally, treat roughly my group found in The Hill going all the way back
  28. 28.Unanimously dismisses union for those seeking shelter