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  1. 1.One of those in the Mallow family removing plantain from national park
  2. 2.You and I review party for returning neighbours - the difficulty is getting the numbers right
  3. 3.Infusion from nuclear fission melts away
  4. 4.Try to mediate introducing some inept boss
  5. 5.Gloss over disappearing grove - its a tax right-off
  6. 6.Torte from Potteries or from the bakery?
  7. 7.Fire in accommodation starts gas oven
  8. 8.The Spanish-American sang backtrack coming out of Italian restaurant
  9. 9.Costly for the French types over places of worship
  10. 10.State of REM leaving green room
  11. 11.Colourful type from major hospital spoke out with intelligence
  12. 12.Shelter from what the swingers hope to avoid
  13. 13.CBS tutor drunk in bar
  14. 14.Press in outlet upsets writer responsible for a sportsmans sketches
  15. 15.Passed out in black suits
  16. 16.Keep under lock and key, short academic test for older students at the end of examination
  17. 17.Work schedule is revolutionary inside sanatoriums
  18. 18.Great Dublin back consumed by shocking standard seen in Croke Park
  19. 19.Traditional fare in accommodation for most those in 24 down
  20. 20.Get to cover short business-like lecture
  21. 21.Top cobbler in footwear with skeletons in the closet
  22. 22.Depressed in fights when the wheels come off?
  23. 23.Supports without spur in greenhouse containers
  24. 24.Comment from The Mail offering a general view perhaps
  25. 25.Song from Avatar I appreciated
  26. 26.College at the end of term in Arabian country has party for one going on The Missions
  27. 27.Ref flicks over old, good books kicked about by striker or forward
  28. 28.Pole is in good time or just about