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  1. 1.Used to draw assorted petals.
  2. 2.It's mad to be so abstemious - take a bit of this delicious dessert.
  3. 3.Eastern principles to use while refurbishing, but not in Birr.
  4. 4.Private party organised for Rosie at the start of the evening.
  5. 5.Flying saucers, in the main, are notorious for this.
  6. 6.Gets comfort from new lease of life.
  7. 7.Initially a rare thing to have no ultraviolet treatment for French water - a naturalistic style.
  8. 8.Heartless Nixon hides money here - what nerve!
  9. 9.Inspector confuses former American soldier.
  10. 10.Awaiting customers in park, German philosopher takes air around ten.
  11. 11.Eschewing partners in the hope of 15 across.
  12. 12.Ian - the man with a plan - takes fifty travelling in Central America.
  13. 13.Stay here and guess endlessly about five hundred in the southeast.
  14. 14.Viewing decapitation and impalement, one might say, is a rather extreme way to enjoy oneself.
  15. 15.Should the agitated bard peak, it's said, he'll destroy jotter. He needs to slow down.
  16. 16.Tunes orchestra as bell starts to ring twice, mysteriously.
  17. 17.I will, as the poet might say, arise and go now to this place.
  18. 18.Make Kitty sit still.
  19. 19.Struck a cool cat on the road and made him howl.
  20. 20.This husky is a legendary dog here.
  21. 21.Is this a stage aide or not exactly?
  22. 22.Did muddled doctor get it wrong? Note that down.
  23. 23.Riotous five play with great skill.
  24. 24.High praise indeed for not advising NATO, oddly.
  25. 25.Throw us up an old cloth there, sweetie.
  26. 26.Playing soft theme for vegetarian, perhaps?
  27. 27.Tenor is wrong to mistreat him for singing even higher notes.
  28. 28.Strong desire for cheeseburger is kept hidden.